Basic Camping requirements

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What 10 items of camping gear would you put on your checklist?  here are what fellow campers consider essential camping gear - food, sleeping bag, tent, water, first aid kit, flashlight, knife, clothes, lantern, and stove.
1) Food
You got to eat, right? 

2) Sleeping Bag
To make a bed at the campground, you'll need a sleeping bag. They come in various shapes and use different materials for insulation. The type of camping you do will determine what type sleeping bag you'll need.
3) Tent
When camping, a tent is your shelter from the weather. Tents come in many shapes, sizes, and styles, so be sure to shop around to find one that suits your needs.
4) Water
We need water for everything, but most importantly we need it to live. So be sure to have plenty of drinking water available. If you're getting water from a campground source, you may need to sterilize it first. Boiling works, but you may prefer to also use a portable water filter.
5) First Aid Kit
Don't go camping without it! Here's a first aid checklist I put together to help prepare you for common campground mishaps.
6) Flashlight
If you need to get up and go to the bathroom during the night, you'll probably need a flashlight to see your way. There are plenty made specifically for outdoor use. Shop around.
7) Knife
Of all the tools you could use at the campground, a good pocket or utility knife will likely be the most versatile. Here are some tips on knife handling safety.
8) Rain Gear
Unless you are going to a clothing optional campground, remember to bring along adequate clothing for any weather that you're likely to encounter. That means a complete change of clothes, should the ones you're wearing get wet. One item that always comes in handy is a rain jacket.
9) Lantern
Don't stumble around the campsite in the dark. Get a lantern. They're not expensive, and lantern fuel is readily available. Or rechargable lanterns aslong as you do not stray to far from the car.
10) Camp Stove
This is another inexpensive item and warm food is essential espescialy in the colder months.
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