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Clear, simple and short

Your description of your item will be the bit that sells your item the cherry on the cake. You need to ensure that the buyer is persuaded by the description and it provides all that is needed to know about the item.
Short and sweet is the key. Be open and honest. List what the features are to ensure the buyer does not need to look anywhere apart from your item description for the need to know about your item.

If you want to draw extra emphasis to anything, put it at the end of the sentence. Placing it at the beginning is a close second. Never bury important information in the middle.
Check spelling, Punctuation and layout. Make it appealing.
Bullets points are effective :
Colour: Pink
Fabric: Leather
Size: 34"
 *Ensure you clearly state delivery time and cost.

Plan and Research
Don’t just jump into your advertisement without some careful planning and investigating. You’ll need to do some research to find the best price and write the best description, especially if you don’t know the technical specifications of your item.

1. What you’re selling. S
tart every ad by explaining what your item is.
2. I
tem’s condition. Briefly explain the condition of the item after the general description. Make a note of any damages, no matter how small. Honesty is your best policy here.
3. Technical specs. If you’re selling any electronic gadget, include the technical specs from the manufacturer’s website.
4. Price check. Use the description to remind readers about the price. Do your research.
5. Delivery. Ensure you know what this will cost and ensure you buyer is aware

Hope this helps be open and honest, short and sweet. Make your checks and happy selling. 

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