Bathrooms Explained - Basins

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Basins are often referred to as sinks, there are 6 main types of basins in the UK.

Basin & Full Pedestal
This is when the basin sits on a full size pedestal and is the most common type in the UK. Normally the waste pipe and the hot and cold water pipes run through the pedestal and into the floor.

Basin & Semi Pedestal
This is where the basin sits on a half height pedestal which does not reach the floor. With this style of basin the pipe work must come up the wall as opposed to the floor.

Semi Recessed Basin
This type of basin has a bow in the front but the underside has been cut away to produce a flat area. This is because this type of basin is usually fitted into a worktop.

These are usually fitted without a pedestal, as they are normally very small basins. The wall hung ones are normally fitted with a decorative bottle trap.

This type of basin is either round or oval and fits into a hole cut into a worktop.

Under Slung
This type of basin is fitted under the hole in the worktop. This means that the worktop has to be a solid surface material, such as marble or stone.


Basin Wastes
A brief description of wastes and their purpose.
The majority of basins come with an overflow, a hole moulded into the ceramic at the side of the basin, whether or not a basin has an overflow, determines what type of waste can be used. If an overflow is present then the basin waste should have a slot in the side for the water to run into it. If no overflow is present then a free running waste should be used so the water can’t run over if the tap is left on.

Types of Basin Wastes
Standard Plug & Chain – the most common basin waste used for basins with 2 taps or on traditional suites.

Pop Up Waste – This type of waste comes primarily with a single lever tap, it has a rod mechanism that is operated at the back of the tap, which moves the plug up and down and can be fitted on 1 tap hole basins with overflows.

Click Clack Slotted Waste – this type of waste is operated with a spring loaded function that is pushed up and down to seal the basin. This type of waste can be fitted on basins with overflows.

Click Clack Unslotted Waste – operated the same as above, but can only be fitted to basins without overflows.

Free Running Waste – this waste is primarily used with basins with no overflows, the plug can never be sealed it has a constant gap that lets the water run through.

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