Batman Comic Books Buying Guide

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Set in the fictional, crime infested Gotham City, Batman is the pseudonym for Bruce Wayne, a billionaire crime fighter whose parents were murdered when he was a child. With wealth to finance his crime fighting needs, Wayne invents gadgetries and combats the evils of Gotham City. There are several editions of Batman comics on the market, therefore, Batman comic book fans and collectors may be able to get the issues they want, if they know where to look and what to look for. 


Batman Comic Books Series

The first issues of Batman comics were published quarterly. Due to its popularity it was upped to bi-monthly and finally to a monthly series. The vintage series eventually became collectors' items as the superhero transferred his crime fighting activities from the pages of  comic books to film screens. Other Batman collections include the limited editions, archived editions, the Batman Chronicles, Batman and Robin, Batman Legends of the Dark knight, the new Batman, series and one of the more popular ones, The Joker.


The Joker

Introduced in Batman volume one, 1940, this Batman villain has kept the crime fighter on his toes ever since. This infamous villain has so many tricks and disguises that even the keen witted hero is sometimes outsmarted. Owing to his popularity, there have been several films featuring the notorious Joker. He is the only arch enemy that the super-hero Batman seems to be unable to rid Gotham City of.


The Batman Chronicles

The Batman Chronicles is a collection of stories from the Batman Comics published in paperback format. The stories are written in chronological order based upon the comics' issues. This is a good buy as each chronicle spans a number of publications and buyers are sure to get all the Batman Comics stories for that period in one issue. There is more than one chronicle, therefore, buyers should ensure that they select the paperback containing the issues they want.


Batman Legends of the Dark Knight

Popularly known as "Legends of the Dark Knight", this series features episodes that are not necessarily linked to each other. While some episodes feature Batman from the vintage years, some are neo or futuristic. Legends of the Dark Knight features stories from multiple writers, each with his own unique tale and style. The 2008 movie of a similar name starring Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger as the Joker, added to the popularity of the series.


Batman New 52

The Batman New 52 is a part of DC Comics relaunch of its entire line of Batman Monthly Comics. The 52 represents fifty-two new releases. The original first set of issues are now considered vintage and very valuable as a collectors' items.These issues feature the introduction of gadgets as the Batarang and the Batgyro, Batman's origin, and the murder of his parents. These rare issues of Batman comics as with all original productions, were printed in limited quantities until the character was proved marketable.

Don't forget to pick up some of the official merchandise from the Batman vs Superman film incorporating the iconic logo's of both superheroes on t-shirts, hoodies and more. 


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