Battery Charger Buying Guide

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These days, most consumers are living battery powered lives. People’s phones, computers, cameras, game systems, and kids’ toys all run on batteries, which are a necessity of life. Charging batteries is the most cost effective and convenient way to keep everything in one’s life running, so having lots of battery chargers around for getting juice to those batteries can be quite helpful. Sometimes having multiple chargers that can help to charge additional batteries.

When it comes to battery chargers, there are different options for different electronics, and there are some chargers that simply charge standard batteries along with specialty chargers made for charging cell phones or computer laptops. There may be a specific battery charger that is needed for each item powered by batteries, so it is helpful to know the most common varieties of chargers that are available and how they can be used to help keep everything running properly in a consumer’s life.

What to Consider Before Buying a Battery Charger

Since there are specific types of charger for each type of battery, the buyer needs to know exactly what type of charger is needed. The model number and type of item can be found on the item itself or in the instructional guide that came with the item. Some electronics come with a battery charger, but sometimes one charger is not enough, and an extra one will come in very handy.

Alternately, instead of having to keep up with lots of chargers, there are some battery chargers that may work on more than one type of battery that can be used to power several different electronics. The consumer must know exactly what type of battery will be charged, and what type of charger is needed before purchasing so the correct battery charger is bought.

Common Types of Battery Chargers

Battery chargers can be an easy way to power electronics continually and keep the batteries charged and ready to use. However, there are a variety of different types of battery chargers available, so the consumer needs to know exactly what type of battery is being charged before purchasing a charger so it will work properly and accommodate the battery that needs charging.

Type of Charger



Simple Charger

Supplies a constant DC power to source

Video game systems, cordless phones, etc.

Timer-Based Charger

Low current battery charger

Laptops, cell phones, digital cameras and other electronic devices

Trickle Charger

Charges batteries during a pre-determined time

Cars, boats, RV’s and other vehicles

Intelligent Charger

A charger that can respond to the condition of the battery

AA & AAA batteries

Fast Charger

Charges batteries rapidly without damaging their cells

Laptops, cell phones, digital cameras

Inductive Charger

Use electromagnetic induction to charge batteries

Electric toothbrushes, and other bathroom devices

USB Charger

Uses a USB cable to charge a battery

Cell phones, MP3’s

Solar Charger

Convert solar energy into a DC current to charge batteries

Digital cameras, cell phones, GPS

There are many different types of battery charges for many different items that one commonly uses daily. Below is more in depth information about the various types of chargers for everyday items.

Additional Types of Battery Chargers

In today’s high tech and connected world, one may not realise how often people depend on battery chargers. There are many different ways in which battery chargers are used daily.

Standard Battery Chargers

Traditional batteries, such as Energizer or Duracell brands, can be charged in standard battery charger. The batteries being charged have to be special rechargeable batteries. Most standard batteries come in rechargeable formats, such as AAA, AA and 9V batteries. These batteries can be recharged in a small charger that can be purchased separately.

The most convenient style of chargers for traditional batteries can charge any type of battery in just a couple of hours. These are called universal chargers. Some universal battery chargers also have indicators that will let the consumer know when the batteries are fully charged and can be removed from the charger and used. Chargers come in different sizes and a smaller charger, or mini charger, may only charge two batteries at a time, where a standard sized charger may charge four or more.

Camera Battery Chargers

For some digital cameras and camcorders that run on rechargeable batteries, a camera battery charger can be a lifesaver. These are small chargers that can hold a camera battery and be plugged in to charge. Camera battery chargers are made with a specific type of camera in mind and different brands make different chargers for their various cameras, so the buyer needs to know exactly what type of camera and the model style before purchasing camera battery chargers.

Some camera battery chargers can also plug in to a car’s lighter, so a digital camera or camcorder can be charged on the go as well as the home. This is called a travel charger and it is very convenient if the camera runs out of power while the consumer is away from the home.

Solar Battery Chargers

Solar battery chargers are good for the environment and a green way to recharge standard batteries. A solar charger is a great option for when consumers are outside or away from a socket. It uses the power of the sun to charge batteries, and some solar powered battery chargers have indicators to let the consumer know when the battery has been fully charged. It may take longer than a standard plug-in style of charger, but it is still a great option for hiking, camping, or fishing.

There are different types of solar chargers available, and some are more sophisticated and offer more options than others, such as a swivel pad or a stand. There are also solar battery charging pads that can charge iPods or tablets as well as mobile phones, too.

Laptop Chargers

Chargers for laptop computers plug directly into the computer to charge it, since the battery is internal and cannot be removed by the consumer. Laptop chargers are typically affordable and every buyer should have at least one spare in case of an emergency, as well as a travel laptop charger. Laptop chargers must be compatible with the brand and type of laptop the consumer has, though there are some types of laptop chargers that may work with several different brands or models of computers.

Mobile Phone Chargers

Mobile phones have become a lifeline for most consumers, so keeping it charged is a must. Mobile phone chargers plug into the phone and can be used with a lighter adapter in the car, or in the home plugged into the wall. Some cell phone chargers are also compatible with tablets, so these can be quite handy if a consumer owns more than one type of electronic that can use the same charger. External battery packs can be purchased that are portable sources of power for a mobile phone, which can be convenient when travelling, too.

iPod/MP3 Chargers

Most MP3 players need to be hooked up to the computer to charge, such as iPods, but there are docking stations available that an MP3 player can be plugged into that will charge it as well as play it. There are also external battery chargers that can be purchased for the iPod too, which do not require a plug or a computer source of power to charge the MP3 player.

Battery Charging Pads

A charging pad is a type of battery charger that is universal and can work will different types of devices, including phones and MP3 players. It is a large pad that can be placed on a flat surface with the devices placed on top, and it will charge them. It is very simple to use and convenient, and consumers do not have to mess with all the plugs, cords, and chargers that are traditionally used to charge these items. Charge everything at once on a battery charging pad.


Most everything consumers need these days to have an organised and successful life and job requires batteries. Whether it is computers, cell phones, video games, or MP3 players, most consumers use at least one item or more in a day that require batteries. Having battery chargers handy lessens some of the hassle and stress in life, and makes things easier. Having fully charged electronics when they are needed prevents stress and can be convenient, and having extra chargers on hand in the home or in the car is a good way to stay connected to the electronics that are needed and be able to power up whether buyers are out in the middle of nowhere camping, or simply sitting in the living room.

Nobody wants to realise their cell phone is about to die and they do not have a charger on hand. Keep travel chargers in the glove box for situations that require charging on the go, and keep a charging pad around for times when many devices need charging at once and a consumer wants to forego all the messy cords and tangled plugs. Several recharging stations for traditional batteries are a definite must in a home where kids enjoy playing video games, handheld electronics, and toys that run on batteries. There are a million uses every day for battery chargers, and no home is complete without them in this busy and technological life that consumers all lead.

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