Battle Games in Middle Earth - Complete Listing

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This is a simple and straight forward listing of the De Agostini Battle Games in Middle Earth Series. This 91 piece partwork ended a while ago now and when originally released in the UK offered subscribers a hobby booklet and a Games Workshop 28mm metal figure or plastic figure sprue every two weeks. The booklet was like a miniature White Dwarf magazine crammed with painting guides, wargaming scenarios, terrain building ideas and tactical info on playing the LOTR skirmish game (ie. not the later War of the Ring rules). This listing will be of interest to collectors wishing to identify missing numbers in their collection as well as to those looking to pick up ad hoc individual editions. My interest is both personal and professional as I collect these figures & magazines and also sell them in my eBay store: Drum & Flag

"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, And in the darkness bind them.

The De Agostini Battle Games in Middle Earth Series

#   Description (Attached model followed by magazine contents)

1   Moria Goblin Plastic Sprue. Playing the Game / Preparing your models / Painting Moria Goblins / Making a Basic Battlefield / Goblin Ambush Scenario

2   Warriors of the Last Alliance Plastic Sprue. Characteristics / Painting Numenoreons / Painting High Elves / Tools & Materials / Making a Simple Ruin / The Last Alliance Scenario

3   Frodo (Fellowship) & Pot of Red Paint. Priority & Move / Painting Frodo / Making a Hedgerow / Pursuit of the Ringwraiths Scenario

4   Plastic Fighting Uruk-Hai Sprue. The Fight Phase / Painting Uruk-Hai Warriors / Making a Hill / Elven Attack Scenario

5   Lurtz. The Shoot Phase / Painting Lurtz / Making a Gaming Area / Hunt of the Uruk-Hai Scenario

6   Aragorn (Helm's Deep). Movement & Terrain / Making Ruins / Painting Aragorn / Defend the Ruins Scenario

7   Warriors of Rohan Sprue. Defending Barriers / Repel the Mauraders Scenario / Painting Warriors of Rohan / Making Walls & Fences

8   Legolas (Fellowship). Miissile Weapons / Raid on Lothlorien Scenario / Painting Legolas / Making Trees & Forests

9   Uruk-Hai Captain. Melee Weapons / Burn the Village Scenario / Basic Painting Techniques / Painting Uruk-Hai Captain / Make a Warning Beacon

10  Fighting Uruk-Hai Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #4). Courage / Burn the Village! Scenario Continued / Batch Painting / Making a Rohirrim Building

11  Boromir (Fellowship). Heroes, Might & Fate / Ambush at Amon Hen Scenario / Painting Boromir / Making a Standing Stone

12  Gandalf the Grey (Khazad-Dum). Magic & Will / Clash of Wills Scenario / Painting Gandalf the Gray / Making a Hilltop Ruin

13  Rohan Horse Plastic Sprue. Battlefield Tactics / Wizard;s Duel Game Scenario / Painting Rohan Horses / Scenic Details / Making a Barrel & Crate

14  Riders of Rohan Plastic Sprue. Cavalry / Attack at the Ford Scenario / Painting the Riders of Rohan / Making Rivers & Fords

15  Saruman (Two Towers). Master of Orthanc /The Gap of Rohan Scenario / Painting Saruman the White / Making Bridges

16  Ugluk. The Forces of Isengard / The Gap of Rohan Scenario II / Painting Ugluk / Making Outcrops & Ridges

17  Grishnakh.  Creating Scenarios / A Thief in the Night Scenario / Painting Grishnakh / Making Fangorn Forest

18  Mounted Eomer. The Forces of Rohan / The Wrath of Rohan Scenario / Painting Eomer / Making a Wilderness Campsite

19  Three Paint Pots.  Linking Battle Games / The Watcher in the Water Scenario / Colour Palettes / Making Lakes & Shores

20  Moria Goblin Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #1). The Forces of Moria / Lost in the Dark Scenario / Painting Moria Goblins / Making Dwarven Mines

21  Gimli (Fellowship)/. Warriors of the Fellowship / Balin's Tomb Scenario / Painting Gimli / Making Balin's Tomb

22  Moria Ruins Plastic Sprue. Theming Your Forces / The Bridge at Khazad-dum Scenario / The Moria Campaign / Painting Armies / Converting a Goblin Captain / Themed Bases / Making Khazad-dum & Dwarven Ruins

23  Warriors of Minas Tirith Plastic Sprue. Forces of Gondor / Open War Scenario / Painting Warriors of Minas Tirith / Tools & Materials

24  Mordor Orcs Plastic Sprue. Forces of Mordor / Open War Scenario II / Painting Mordor Orcs / The Bits Box

25  Sam (Fellowship). Hobbit's of the Shire / Escape from Osgiliath Scenario / Painting Samwise Gamgee / Making Osgiliath Sewers

26  Faramir (Captured by Gondor). Lords of Gondor / Volley Fire / Ambush in Ithilien Scenario / Painting Faramir (Ranger Clothing), Making Pathways & Roads

27  Uruk-Hai Siege Troops Plastic Sprue. Siege Games / Siege Movement / Hold the Fort Scenario / Painting Uruk-Hai Siege Troops / Making a Palisade Fort

28  Haldir (Helm's Deep). Fighting in a Fortress / The Helm's Deep Campaign / Painting Haldir / Making Fortress Walls & Towers

29  Theoden (Helm's Deep). Assaulting the Battlements / The Deeping Wall Scenario / Painting King Theoden / Making the Gate House

30  Uruk-Hai Beserker. The Fortress / Retreat to the Hall Scenario / Painting Uruk-Hai Beserkers / Making the Fortress Keep

31  Uruk-Hai Siege Troops Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #27). Siege Weapons / Retreat to the Hall Scenario / Painting an Uruk-Hai Army / Making a Fortress Tower

32  Merry & Pippin (Fellowship) Breach the Dam Scenario / Painting Merry & Pippin / Making the Dam at Isengard

33  Warriors of Minas Tirith (Repeated - also with issue #23). Different Ways to Play / Besieged Scenario / The Siege of Osgiliath / Painting Soldiers of Gondor / Making the Ruins of Osgiliath

34  Gondorian Banner Bearer. Banners / Defend the Bridge Scenario / Painting the Gondorion Banner Bearer / Making Osgiliath Bridge

35  Galadriel. The Forces of Lothlorien / Crossing the Silverlode Scenario / Painting Galadriel / Making an Elven Tree Platform

36  Elrond (Last Alliance). The Army of Lorien / Watchpost Attack Scenario / Painting Elrond / Making an Elven Watchpost

37  Witch King of Angmar (Weathertop). The Ringwraiths / Hunting the Ringbearer Scenario / Painting the Witch King of Angmar / Making Amon Sul

38  Grima Wormtongue. Assault on Orthanc Scenario / Painting Grima / Making Saruman's Industry

39  Gandalf the White. Wizards of Middle Earth / Assault on Orthanc II / Painting Gandalf the White / Making the Tower of Orthanc 

40  Rohan Royal Guard. Mounted Warriors / Retreat from Edoras Scenario / Painting Rohan Royal Guard / Creating Banner Bearers / Making Barrows

41  Mordor Orc Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #24). Monsters of Mordor / River Assault Scenario / Creating An Osgiliath Campaign / Painting Minions of Sauron (Orcs) / Making a Mordor Assault Boat

42  Mordor Orc Banner Bearer. The Army of Mordor / Battle in the Ruins Scenario / Points Matches / Painting the Mordor Orc Banner Bearer / Making an Osgiliath Tower

43  Mounted Faramir. The Army of Gondor / Retreat from Osgiliath Scenario / Painting Captain Faramir (Mounted & Armoured) / Making Gondorion Roads and Bridges

44  Warriors of the Last Alliance (Repeated - also with issue #2). Grand Strategies / Battle in Gorgoroth Scenario / Painting High Elves and Men of Gondor (Numenoreons) / Making the Plains of Mordor

45  Gil-Galad. Elves of the Last Alliance / Sauron the Deceiver Scenario / Painting Gil-Galad / Making Mordor Lava Flows

46 Elendil. Forces of Sauron / The Last Alliance Scenario / Painting Elendil / Devising Your Own Modelling Projects

47  Isildur. Men of the Last Alliance / The Last Alliance Scenario II / Painting Isildur / Making the Mountains of mordor

48  Gorbag. Competitive Play / Choosing Your Troops / Defend the Garrison Scenario / Painting Gorbag / Making a Garrison Outpost

49  Shagrat. Battle Game Tactics / Treachery at Cirith Ungol / Painting Shagrat / Making the Tower of Cirith Ungol

50  Warriors of Rohan Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #7). Special Scenario Rules / Saruman's War Campaign / Message to Edoras Scenario / Painting Soldiers of Rohan Revised & Alternative Colour Schemes / Making Rohan Cottages

51  Gamling. Specialised Scenarios / Restore the King Scenario / Painting Gamling / Making Meduseld

52  Eowyn (West) The Army of Isengard / Assault on Edoras Scenario / Painting Eowyn / Making Rohan Pallisades

53  Hama. The Army of Rohan / Assault on Edoras II / Painting Hama / Making Rohan Walls & Gates

54  Ruins Plastic Sprue.  Flying Creatures /  Escape from Orthanc Scenario / Painting Techniques / Modelling Techniques

55  Knight of Minas Tirith Banner Bearer - Mounted. Competitive Armies / Competitive Scenarios / Pitched Battle Scenario / Painting the Mounted Knight of Minas Tirith Banner Bearer / Making Minas Tirith Walls

56  Gothmog. The Siege of Minas Tirith / Break the Gates Scenario / Painting Gothmog / Making Minas Tirith City Gates

57  Denethor. The Kingdom of Gondor / Gaming Clubs / Assassinate the Steward Scenario / Painting Denethor / Making the Fountain Court

58  Orc Captain. Battlefields / Rescur the Prisoners Scenario / Painting the Orc Captain / Making an Orc Encampment

59  Faramir. The Lord of the Rings Campaign / The Doomed Charge Scenario / Painting Captain Faramir (Foot & Armoured) / Making Gondorian Buildings

60  Boromir, Captain of the White Tower. The Council of Elrond / War in Osgiliath Scenario / Captain Boromir / Making Siege Engines

61  Aragorn (Fellowship). The Long Dark of Moria / Escape from Bree Scenario / Painting Strider / Painting Aragorn Hero of Helm's Deep / Making the Village of Bree

62  Bilbo Baggins. The Fellowship Breaks / Ambush in Hobbiton Scenario / Painting Bilbo / Making Hobbit Holes

63  Gollum (Captured by Gondor). The Path to Mordor Scenario / Painting Gollum / Making the Forbidden Pool

64  Eomer (West). Tournaments / Escape from Edoras Scenario / Eomer of Rohan / Making a Rohan Royal Stable

65  Mounted Theodred. Battlefield Effects / The Fords of Isen Scenario / Painting Theodred / Making Winter Terrain

66  Riders of Rohan Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #14). Map Campaigns / Battle for Middle-Earth Campaign / Making Rohan Conversions / Making Ruined Cottages

67  Rohan Horses Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issue #13). The Two Towers / Battle for Middle Earth Campaign II / Painting Horses of Middle-Earth / Making Dunland Hovels

68  Wargs Plastic Sprue/ The War for Rohan / Warg Hunt Scenario / Painting Wargs / Making Realistic Landscapes

69  Warg Riders Plastic Sprue. The Fate of Rohan / Baggage Train Raid Scenario / Painting Warg Riders / Making a Baggage Train

70  Haradrim Warriors Plastic Sprue. Warriors of Evil / Siege of Minas Tirith Scenario / Painting Haradrim / Making the Pelennor Fields

71  King of the Dead. The Return of the King / Army of the Dead / Siege of Minas Tirith Scenario II / Painting the King of the Dead / Making Pelennor Details

72  Mordor Orcs Plastic Sprue (Repeated - also with issues #24 & #41). Towers of Mordor / Siege of Minas Tirith Scenario III / Painting the Morgul Horde (Orcs  & Large Models such as Trolls / Fell Beasts / Shelob) / Making Siege Towers

73  Merry & Pippin (West). Battle Companies /  Defend the Walls Scenario / Painting Merry & Pippin / Modelling Details - Interiors & Battlefield Casualties

74  The Witch King of Angmar (Fall of the Witch King). Battle Companies / King-Slayer Scenario / Painting the Witch-King / Making Modelled Boards

75  Metal Conversion Kit. Battlefield Companies / Company Scenarios / Converting Heroes / Making Dioramas

76  Legolas (West). The Return of the King Campaign / Capture the Fleet Scenario / Painting Legolas / Making a Corsair Galley

77  Easterling Captain. The Battle for Gondor / The End of All Things Scenario / Painting the Easterling Captain / Making the Black Gate

78  Aragorn.  The Third Age Ends Campaign / Painting Aragorn (King Elessar) on foot / Making Mount Doom

79  Radagast the Brown. Master of the Wild / Kill the Wizard Scenario / Painting the Brown Wizard / Making Radagasts Cabin

80  Tom Bombadil. The Barrow-Downs / Fog on the Downs Scenario / Painting Tom Bombadil / Making Ancient Tombs

81  Glorfindel. Defenders of Rivendell / Surrounded Scenario / Painting Glorfindel / Making a Rivendell Hall

82  Orc Shaman. Shamans of Darkness / Rivendell Campaign / Painting Orc Shaman / Making the Desecrated Statue

83  Dwarf Captain. Forces of the Dwarves / Into the Depths Scenario / Painting the Dwarf Captain / Making Moria Ruins

84  Durburz. Drums in the Deep / Balin's Campaign / Painting the Goblin King / Maling  the Goblin King's Lair

85  Balin. Armies of the Dwarves / The Balrog Unleashed Scenario / Painting Balin / Making the Balrog's Lair

86  Suladan. Lords of Harad / Battle in the Desert Scenario / Painting Suladan / Making Desert Boards

87  Hasharin. Force Strategies / Desert Siege Scenario / Painting the Hasharin / Making a Haradrim City

88  Prince Imrahil. Forces of Dol Amroth / Defend the Fortress Scenario / Painting Prince Imrahil / Making a Border Fortress

89  Ghan-Buri-Ghan. The Dangerous Journey Scenario / Painting Ghan-Buri-Ghan / Making Traps

90  Farmer Maggot with his 3 Dogs (Grip, Wolf & Fang). Hobbits of the Shire / Battle for the Shire Scenario / Painting Maggot & Dogs / Making a Ravaged Shire

91  Sharkey. Sharkey's Rogues / Drive Away the Wizard Scenario / Painting Sharkey / Making an Industrial Mill

Special Editions

* The Fellowship of the Ring - Mounted Arwen (with Frodo). The Road to Rivendell Scenarios / Painting Mounted Arwen Evenstar & Frodo

* The Two Towers - Gandalf the White on Shadowfax.  Battle for Helm's Deep / Painting Gandalf the White on Shadowfax

* The Return of the King - Mounted King Elessar. Assault on Minas Tirith Scenarios / Painting Mounted Aragorn / Elessar

Extra Items that came with the subscription:

* Modelling Tool Pack

* Magnifying Glass

* Mines of Moria Tomb base


Other Information

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* Thanks for reading this guide. I hope you found it of use. If you have any questions I can be contacted via eBay messages as mentioned above.



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