Be aware of sellers without paypal.

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Hi everyone,
This is in no way a "DO NOT BUY" type of guide, but merely a warning some of you should heed. When buying from sellers who do not use paypal and only accept cheques, postal orders etc be wary. Those that take credit cards are fine as there is a safety net there, but through the others there is nothing to fall back on. I have had a pleasant, easy transaction paying by cheque where goods arrived and everything was fine. But that was only 1 out of 3 unfortunately!! The other 2 times I bought now, sent off my cheque then like a week later i recieve an email from ebay saying they've been booted off and I have no obligation to complete the transaction. Too bad they've already cashed the cheque and no goods ever arrive. This has happened twice now as I said, and both sellers had ok feedback when I purchased. Needless to say I am now very sceptical of sellers that do not have the option for paypal, and so should you be. By all means pay by cheque to sellers who do have a paypal account that take payment by cheque, but watchout for those that dont as it is easy fraud. No paying of paypal fees, no need to prove their address, no need to even visit a bank to cash the cheque either. Hope this helps others stay safe, and happy buying on ebay :-).
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