Be eBay wise. Dont Get caught by the Scammers and Fraud

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Be EBay wise !!! Don’t get caught by the Scammers. Updated 12-12-06

~~~ UPDATE ~~~ 12-12-06 ~~~ Beware the PayPal Account Limitation E-mail

I recently had an account limit notification fronm PayPal that used my name ( as used by PayPal ).  It was an exact replica of the standard PayPal notification and I was Happy to fill in the Boxes ..  The Scam was blown when they asked me for my Card PIN number to provide authentication.. I then checked out the e-mail and noticed that my card numbers where close, but wrong..I contacted PayPal and they confirmed the E-mail was a Fake.

Most scam e-mails are easy to spot.  But, the thieves have now moved up a level and are disguising their scams better than before... Give away your details at your peril....


Have you ever been tempted by those “to good to be true” offers??..........Xbox360 £99,  W800i Under £50,  Huge Plasma HDTV under £500  the list is endless……...

It is easy to see why we can get sucked in by the Scammers.  There on offer is luxury goods which you could only dream of, tantalisingly put within your grasp,  you have the money………………….But not for long!!!!! , and unless you do a bit of homework then that dream item will still be just that..

The first line of defence against getting caught out is EBay’s Feedback.   Never bid on an item without first checking the Sellers Feedback.  100% can sound safe but a little further investigation may be required. 
One of the Scammers tricks is to use ‘Fake auctions’ to build up their Feedback standing………………..
1).  The Feedback is from a number of ‘Buyers’ that have bought Items for £0.01p.?? 
2).  Many of those buyers will have names that are a random selection of letters and numbers.
To beat this Just take a look at a few of the transactions on the feedback list If it doesn’t look right then don’t bid.

Another trick is to offer an item for sale but disguise what is on offer as something else.  For Example Looks like an I-Pod but is in reality a wholesale list.. Yes, you will be able to buy that I-Pod at Half R.R.P. but only if you buy 500.
1).  Is the description a bit vague?
2).  Is there a picture? Is the picture a stock photograph not the actual Item??.
Again there are simple ways to protect yourself Just Check the listing. Read all of it carefully or even get someone else have a look, it is so easy to see what we want to see !!.  Check if the Listing category (Top of the Page) is right for the item.

 If after all this checking and double checking, you have bid on and won the Item of your dreams then you still have to be on your guard. 
When paying for your item do they take PayPal? which offers some very limited protection.  Western Union/Moneygram/Money Transfer payments are as good as sending cash  ( TOTALLY AT YOUR RISK)  and have now be banned from UK listings. 
If your purchase is from ‘Over seas’ and the Seller can’t accept PayPal in their Country then this is completely untrue.  Alarm bells should ring loud and clear, as they should if a seller e-mails you after an auction and asks for the payment to go to somewhere not on the listing.  Often offered to allow you to get your goods quicker than normal / speed up payment clearing but will just cause you hard earned cash to vanish……………

These are the countries that I have Known/heard of scams being based:::  China (Honk Kong), Ireland, Chile, Columbia, Taiwan, U.S., Singapore, Poland, Nigeria.  ( this list is probably not all )
The additional hidden cost of buying from out side Euro zone is that you can expect some hefty Customs chargesand the item may not be UK spec..

That being said EBay is a great place to bag that bargain, that includes from overseas, you just have to be a bit “ EBay wise “. There is no great secret to this just make sure that you don’t get carried along with the scam.  There is no free lunch,  If it Looks to good to be true then it probably is!!  Ask questions, be a pain:- photos, phone numbers & serial numbers. A legitimate Trader will be only to happy to speak to you and provide any information you require.


THESE PEOPLE NEED TO BE STOPPED . .    EBay is a great place to buy and sell but a few scum are trying to take your money...DON'T LET THEM STEAL FROM YOU.  If we all take a bit more care then these thieves will have to look elsewhere.
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