Be safe when using PayPal

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Never click on links that you receive in e-mails that are from ebay, always go to your web browser and types in paypals address and get to the link you want from their

We experienced this problem a couple of years back, we received a paypal that was supposidly from paypal, saying that our credit or debit card information was out of date and that if we did not update our details with 72 hours our account would be suspended. The e-mail was from someone @ Paypal .com and had the full ebay e-mail template and when you click on the link its an exact copy of the paypal site, asking for login details (it will accept any login details) and then to a page asking for your credit or debit card details

So if you click the link, the scammers get your paypal user id and password, and then your credit or debit card details handed right to them to use as they please.

ive read about this scam before the user inputs his Paypal user id and password, then a few days later realises that his bank account is alot emptier and had purchased alot of expensive equipment

you can spot the links the scammers use which are usually a sub domain so they look authentic e.g. www. paypal . domain. com

if you ever get asked to input a credit or debit card number, check to make sure that the website address starts with https:// the s means its secure

if you have been scammed and are now just realising, change you ebay password / paypal password and cancel related debit or credit cards

dont let the scammers win


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