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"Yes there are some bargains to be had on eBay but their customer service is non-existent. When it goes well, it goes well but when it goes wrong they are useless."  I quote this directly from an eBay customer’s review, and I completely agree with it, and so should you.
Just because we were kind of left alone to the business between ourselves.. Does not mean everything isn't going to go downhill when trouble strikes and assistance is needed. This is why, us, eBayers need to look out for ourselves, and make sensible business. It’s easy, as long as you put your common sense into practice.
There are things that will guide us into buying suitable products, and stop us from having trouble after buying it. A fulfilling description and quality photos are key. You want to be sure, and see the product for what it really is before you purchase it. Some people may try and fool you; skimmers will often use different sources to collect their photos. So beware. Before buying something, make sure you read the description and check out all photos carefully, see if they look genuine and match the description. If you are unsure, keep searching or don't hesitate to ask questions.. better sure than sorry! 
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