Be wary of paypal

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I sold a pair of suspension wishbones for an MG Midget the buyers paid by paypal collected the items (my mistake!) they were pleased with the goods four weeks later i got a chargeback stating unauthorised credit card use ,two months on i still have not been told if this means stolen?fraudulent? paypal found the chargeback in the buyers favour took the £120 out of my account after numerous standard generated emails which are hopeless and get you nowhere so a long phone to paypal when i was told the fact they picked up the goods had no bearing on the decision because it was unauthorised credit card use still no joy and then i find out the buyer has bought three items in total off ebay and two of those (the two expensiveones) she has pulled the same stroke and got away with it iwould have thought this would of set off alarm bells at ebay and paypal but obviously not after all the questions that are asked when you register i cannot see how the fraudulent buyers get through the security checks needless to say i have not taken apayment from paypal since and i will not in the future until this has been resolved it seems to be happening all too often YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



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