Beam Angle and Luminous Intensity

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An important concept to understand is the relationship between beam angle and luminous intensity. Beam angle and luminous intensity share a negative correlation. As the beam angle increases, luminous intensity decreases. On the other hand, as luminous intensity increases, the beam angle must decrease. This is assuming two LEDs that produce an equal amount of total light, or luminous flux. LED lights with a narrow beam angle will appear more intense to spectators due to a concentration of light over a smaller area. On the other hand, an LED light with a wider beam angle will appear less intense, due to the dispersion of light over a broader area. The principal concept is that the amount of total light, or luminous flux, remains constant in either case. Some people tend to believe that luminous intensity relates directly to the total amount of light produced by the LED. This is a very common misconception in the LED lighting industry today.

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