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Beano Comics: Only the first hundred or so issues have big value but there are a few exceptions such as #452 with the first Dennis the Menace or issue #1000, #2000, (not #3000 as this is a very common comic so do not get ripped off by sellers telling you it's rare) 1363 where Gnasher first appeared, Christmas edditions, #1678, #2674 (this does not have huge value). First Biffo the Bear (#327), first little plum (#586),first Bash Street Kids (entitled as the bell rings- #604), first Minnie the Minx (#596), first Rodger the Dodger (#561). Issue 2000 does not have big value but might fetch around £5 - £15 at the most. First Biffo the Bear on cover, first Dennis the Menace on cover, birthday issues and special comics. Please vote up if you found this guide useful! I hope it helps you buy and sell comics! The most valuable beano comics are #1 - #10 and war years comics.


#1: £750 - £12,000 Very rare only 18 known to exist worldwide. This is highly prized by collectors. Free gift was a whoopee mask (black).

#2 £600 - £4000 Very few known to exist. Came with black sugar buttons (sweets) none of these thought to be in existance.

#3 £500 - £2000 Very few known to exist and is highly prized by collectors. Very few images available of these early issues.

#4 £500 - £1500 Again a very rare comic and can sometimes double it's value at auctions.

#5 £500 - £1500 This comic is hard to come across and in 2010 sold for £1210 at auction.

#6 £70 - £900 A copy of this issue was sold in 2010 for double it's estimated value where it went for £881 at auction. It is very rare for this comic to reach the nine hundreds.

#7-#20 These can reach nice prices so it's best to hang onto one if you have one. These can sell for approximatly £60 - £200

#21 £60 - £500(With mask and in VG- VF condition will it reach near the £500 milestone.) First christmas issue, had snow on the logo, first appearence of Pansy Potter and came with a free mask. I only know of a handful of these in existance.

#22-99 £45 - £100 There are a few around and can fetch a pretty penny from collectors, but dont expect thousands if you have one. Not worth as much as some of the earlier issues but are going up in value slowly.

#100 £80 - £120 The Beano's first milestone. Thiss might fetch a bit more in VG+ condition. A better value would be up to £250.

#101 - #451 50p - £55 But you may get more from collecters looking for them to fill a gap  in a collection. 

#452 First Dennis the Menace. £80 - £350.

#453 - #999 Up to £45.

#1000 Up to £35 ( no punch holes, scribbling , name ect.)

#1001 - #1362 1p - £4 Sorry to dissapoint everyone but comics from this era are common. Exceptions are Birthday issue & Christmas issues with a maximun value of £8 and anything below.

#1363 £15 - £25 First Gnasher - Dennis' best friend, but not mans!

#1364 - #1999 1p - £3.50ea

#2000 Anything up to £5. Not that scarce but may become collectable in the near future.

#2001 - #3000 1p - £1.50 Very common so dont expect too much.

#3001+ 1p - £1 max. As they have just come out of the shops there are millions of copies all over the world.

The Beano has just overtaken the #3500 issues mark. It will take an estimated 10 years for #4000 to come along. I just hope it will.

Beano Annuals: The first Beano book is forever getting rarer and rarer to find and can come at prices from £400 to well over £2000 as there are only 11 in known existance. Beano books start to lose there value by around 1969 and are only worth 50p to £5 at the most after 1975. If you need any beano books from the 1980's to 1990's or maybe later the best place to search is a carboot or garage sale where they sell for less than £1 at times.

1940: £400 (no cover spine, bad quality or other damage) - £4500 (spine intact, all pages intact, good board/cover quality, this book belongs to not filled in, no pen/pencil marks ect.) Very rare only around 11 left. Is guarenteed to sell at a well known auction site/place. I would reccomend a £450 start on eBay, but starting lower may get more attention.

1941: Very rare only around 7/ 8 in the world and can sell for around £200 (Very bad, no spine, cover, pencil marks ect.) - £1600 ( VG -  VF, spine intact,this book belongs to is blank, all pages intact and nothing cut out ect. ect.) I would reccomend £300 start if selling on eBay, but starting lower may get more attention.

1942: Very rare only one I couldn't find for sale. However I have seen them for sale in the past. £250 - £1200 depending on the condition of covers, spine and paper.

1943: The first Magic - Beano book of all seven.  £50 - £1050 but is starting to go up in value by the year.

1944: £50 - £750 This can go for much more if someone has a gap in their collection and can sometimes go up to £550 +.

1945: £50 - £650 Again this book is very rare and can go for much more at an auction.

1946 - 1951: £50 - £450. If you are lucky you could find these for a much lower price as they are on eBay occasionally. However these ones are usually in bad condition as people realise the value of the books. 1946,1947,1948 &1949 books might sell for a lot more than said here. 1951 is becoming quite common.

1952 - 1964: £20 - £40. Again these occasionally go much cheaper on eBay but I doubt will ever go for £400 as a becoming quite common. I would say expect £20 - £120.

1965 - 1980: 1p - £80 max. The newer they get the less the value of the books. 1965 VF - Mint is worth around £80.

1981 + : Very common worth up to £5 depending on condition.

Summer Specials:

Early ones are shooting up in value by the day!

1963: Worth up to £200, maybe more in the future! Recent eBay sale - £1371!!! Mint condition copy - no dog marks!!

1964 - 1970: £140 max. Recent ebay sale 1964-1969 specials - around £500ea - Mint condition copies - no do marks.

1970+ 50p - £5/£6 depending on condition. Very little value in the later ones, but early ones still have a bit of value left in them.

Bash Street Kids Summer Specials:

1994 - 2000 Up to £5 but more likely to sell for £2 - £2.50.


Early gifts can fetch a lot (Early is #1 - around #1001). The Dennis Fan Club badge can fetch up to £3 and it's the same story with Gnasher's Fang Club. There are many badges of Lord Snooty, Minnie the Minx, Gnasher, Walter ect. These would fetch no more than £2.50. The only other exception is the Gnasher Snapper ( worth up to £7 max.) and the Dennis And Gnasher Hand puppets ( worth up to £10 but rarely reach that). Whoopee Mask from #1 can make £100's or £1000's.  It will probably only reach thousands if with original #1 Beano. I only know of two surviving. No sweets thought to survive (suprise, suprise) so if you have a packet of early free sweets either throw them in the bin or sell it at auction. It is best NOT to sell these on eBay but a proffesional comic auction site. More people will use the internet than go to live auctions, so just hunt around, there are loads out there. It's best to use a british one or one that sells british comics. #36 Big Bang Gun can fetch up to around £50, but there are very few of these known to survive. The Merry Christmas Mask that came with #21 can fetch £100's because there is only a handful in known existance. I may be wrong with that though and it may only reach no higher than £70. Happy Howler siren can fetch anything up to £15, balloons up to £15, and the Gnasher glow badge that came with #2674 (first full colour comic) is worth up to around £8-. Stickers are a common gift with the Beano and have been for decades. Anyway, the value of stickers is not huge but may fetch up to £5 from the 80's to present. The stickers that arn't made for the Beano (such as football stickers, movie stickers, ect.) have very little or no value at all to comic collectors, but somebody collecting those stickers might pay a few quid for them. Pre 1980's stickers might be worth a bit more but not that much, probably reaching a maximum of £8. You could buy shirts, fake #1 Beano's or whatever else online. Heres a rough estimate: Models can fetch up to £5, shirts up to £5, replica #1's up to £10 max, replica comics (first cover Biffo, Dennis, #1000 ect) £50 - £80 the lot, Dennis go-cart £150 (but may not sell), stuffed toys up to £3. Finally the plastic toys.These came around mainly in the last 10 years but there were a few before this. Anyway, these are quite common so they would fetch no more than £2 but may be worth more in 30 years time.If you had two hand puppets, two sticker sheets, gnasher snapper and the badges, expect no more than £20. These gifts would sell much better if they had the original comics with them. 

Beano Comic Libaries:

#1 Up to £3 ea. This is actually very common and comes up for sale a lot, so just because it is #1 dont think it has big value.

#2 - #7 Up to £2.50 ea.

#8 This is a harder one to come across so is worth around £3

#9 - #99 £1

#100 I'm sorry to burst the bubble but this is worth around £1 because it is very common.I did this seperatly because people keep looking for it.

#101 - #200 Worth up to £1 but most people will may no more than 60p for later ones.

#201 - #300 Worth up to no more than 60p for early ones and later ones no more that 20p.

#300 + People will pay no more 20p for a 2nd hand one.

Puzzle Books:

I was looking on eBay and the prices are ridicuolus. Every issue (including #1) is worth no more than £2.50.

The Beano comic libary has just overtaken 300 issue mark in March 2010 and has now been running for 24 years. Thats pretty good!

Tips for selling:

All Beano Books sell well on eBay, but earlier ones will fetch more from proffesional auctions.

Hunt around for activly used comic auction websites, dont always use the first one you see.

Try to sell at auction.

Go to Facebook and search sell your comics. They will sell them for you!

Tips for buying:

If you are after a certain comic, contact as many different people as you can.

Use the more well known auction sites for rare items.

Comic sites that are not that active are good- because it means that comics will more than likely be there when you go back.

The Beano sure has changed a lot over it's 72 year life, who knows what it will be like in another 10, 15 or maybe even 20 years time? Over 60 annuals and 3500 comics, it is one of the longest running comics in British history, just overtaken by The Dandy (which changed it's name to The Dandy Extreme in 2007) by less than a year. The dandy has now changed it name back, and is coming out weekly.

Please vote up if you found this guide useful, I'm sure you did!

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