Beatles Factory Sample Fakes!!!

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This guide is for the collectors of Beatles records, and in particular how to tell if those records with "Factory Sample Not For Sale" stickers on them are genuine or not. These days with all the computer and printer wizardry they are obviously very easy to replicate for the forgers, and to be fair to the honest folk -some of them may not even realise that they are listing counterfeits if they too acquired them for re-sale. Remember, Beatles records (and therefore those with such stickers) are 40 plus years old so there must be some ageing to the stickers in-line with the condition of the item that it is on. Be aware of stickers that look too new. One of the tell-tale definate signs of fakes are where there are spindle or other marks flowing from BEHIND the sticker -therefore the sticker was definately 'added' at a later date after leaving the factory. THE IMAGE BELOW (although not very clear) SHOWS ONE SUCH FAKE STICKER! BEWARE!!!!!!

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