Beaware of fraudsters and scammers ( ie ) Nigerian's

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Just To Let you Know About Nigeria Customer And Any Other Scammers.
This Will Make You Think Twice.

In Nigeria there aint any laws against scamming and fraud the Nigerian are pro's at getting in to your pockets with out you knowing.

How they do it. simple they make a new eBay account up with a unconfirmed address and phone number and they start bidding and buying on expensive products. they pay for the item but they will send you a message saying < i have bought this item of you and i want to send it to my sister in Nigeria it will be cheaper if you send it straight away to her > but the only thing is you send the item to the address  in Nigeria even if you send it international  recorded singed for it wont matter when a parcel or packet leaves the uk on international signed for. the tracking will only tell you it has left the uk but it wont tell you if it has arrived to the address or they will be no electronis proof of delivey.

So basicly you send a new playstaion 3 console to a unconfirmed address which they will recived it with out you knowing and they can leave you bad feedback or wait for 15 days till the money gets released back to they paypal account. if you recive a payment to your paypal account paypal over the vaule of 100 pounds it will not release the money until the buyer has recived the item and with out leaving negative feedback or with out opening a paypal you will loose the money you have recived of them and the item will not get returned back to you because there is no proof of delivery...

P.S. if you recive an email or messege saying. good day i will like to purchase your item for 500 pounds and i will pay you 100 pounds for postage and packing and would it be posible to send to nigeria because my sister is living over there at the moment and i need it for her birthday present.

Even though the item could be worth a fiver and postage would only be the price of a bag of chips
its funny that they dont say > ow would it be posible to buy your ( ie ) nokie 1101 mobile phone ect.
they dont know what they are buying they dont say what they want to purchase of you.

So Be Careful What You Are Sending Away Or Selling To if Could Happen To You.

Many Thanks
Andy Muir

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