Because carp fishing doesn't stop when it gets cold!

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Winter time can be the hardest time of the year to catch carp. The problem being that the colder conditions slows down the fishes motabolism (sp).Therefore the fish doesn't need as much food to survive. Not so many years ago it was thought that carp were almost uncatchable during the colder months.With the popularity of long stay (session) carp fishing and advancements in protective clothing and camping equipment it has been proved that carp are catchable right through the winter months. I have found through my own and friends experience that carp tend to feed for only short periods of time . Sometimes these feeding periods are quite distinct in the same way as dawn and dusk are good in the summer on a lot of waters. Just like in summer , every water has its own feeding times so its difficult for me to estimate feeding times. i have found on a lot of waters in europe , 10-12 am and 1-3pm seem to be good times for action. I do know of one water in England that fished well in winter one hour after dark so there are no hard and fast rules on this . A lot of people think that in the winter the fish are always in the deepest area of water . This just is not the case ! The fish tend to be around snags or areas they feel safe . Don't ignore the areas you caught carp from in the summer as there may be a good supply of natural food nearby which holds the carp like a magnet . Many years ago i caught a 28 pound carp in winter, at night from a three foot deep area of a lake. This lake has areas with depths down to 12ft but the three foot area had some excellent features .

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