Bed Frame Buying Guide

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Bed Frame Buying Guide

As the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, the bed is widely considered to be the centrepiece of the entire room. Though it may look like a single piece of furniture, a bed is actually comprised of three parts: a mattress on top, a box spring mattress in the middle, and a bed frame below. The bed frame is what holds the entire bed together, and so there is no point in buying a high quality mattress if it is going to be placed on a shoddy bed frame. There are many different styles of bed frames to choose from that come in different materials, so the customer needs to know their options. To get the best bed frame, buy the piece according to its size, style and construction. While bed frames are commonly sold in department stores or bedding stores, customers can also find excellent deals right at home through eBay..

Bed Frame Size

Bed frame sizes are closely linked to mattress sizes. Some customers only purchase the bed frame after buying a mattress, while others will buy the bed frame first. Before buying either a mattress or a bed frame, the customer needs to make sure they have enough room for it. More spacious bedrooms can hold even the largest sizes like a king or a super king, while smaller bedrooms work best with small double or double beds. The number of people sleeping in the bed can also determine what size should be bought. A child can sleep quite comfortably in a Single bed, while an adult sleeping alone will enjoy a double bed. Two adults may in fact need the extra space that a king bed provides, while some sleepers prefer the additional area of a super king.

Bed Type

Small Single


Small Double



 Super King

Bed Size (cm)

75 x 190

90 x 190

120 x 190

135 x 190

150 x 200

180 x 200

To make sure the bed is going to fit inside the room, measure the area before purchasing the bed. If a bed seems too large for a space, then try to explore other options that may work better.

Bed Frame Styles

The bed frame is what gives the bed its shape. Therefore, bed frames come in all different styles. There are minimalist styles that only use the bed frame itself, and then there are more extravagant styles that come with a headboard and a footboard. Some bed frames are so high off the ground, that a person has to almost jump up into bed. Other styles are lower to the ground, and this could prove difficult for an elderly person trying to get out of bed in the morning. Some bed frames need to use both, a box spring and a mattress, while other styles forgo the box spring entirely.

Platform Bed Frames

Platform bed frames have more support underneath than regular bed frames. Many use complete pieces of wood instead of slats, to provide the utmost support. Therefore, most people only use a mattress with a platform bed and do not use a box spring at all. Without the box spring, the overall bed is lower to the ground.

Unique Platform Bed Frames

Another common feature to most platform beds is that they lack a headboard or footboard. However, the missionary platform bed frame does use a simple headboard, and sometimes a footboard made out of vertical slats of wood. This modest style was developed at the end of the 19th century in contrast to the overwhelming elegance of Victorian furniture and is often preferred by those who like a minimalist style.

Captain Bed Frames

The captain bed frame is actually a type of platform bed. What makes the captain frame stand out, is that it usually has a shelving and storage area tucked away underneath the mattress. These frames are great for children’s rooms, but they can also work well for any adult bedroom that needs more organisation. However, since they are designed to be more space-efficient, it can be difficult to find a captain bed in a large size such as a King or Super King. Captain bed frames are commonly sold in Single and Double sizes.

Sleigh Bed Frames

One of the most romantic styles in the world, the sleigh bed frame,, is designed to look like a horse-drawn sleigh. The hallmark of this frame is a large, curving headboard and footboard. Some of these pieces can be elegant enough to feel right at home in the lap of luxury, as the headboard is usually larger than the footboard. This particular bed frame uses a slat design, so both a boxspring and mattress are needed. The heights of these frames may vary, but on average, a sleigh bed is typically quite tall.

Four Post Beds

One of the sturdiest frames available, the four post bed frame,, is always a popular choice. Similar to the sleigh bed, both a boxspring and mattress are needed for a four post bed, and this gives the frame its additional height. The headboard and footboard are modestly sized, and the emphasis is placed on the four posts. Those with extremely tall posts can double as a canopy bed,, a subset of the four post bed. Fabric can be draped down between the posts on a canopy bed, creating a romantic and whimsical sleeping atmosphere.

Bunk Beds

Children love all the fun of a bunk bed frame,, while parents prefer them for their space-saving ability. A bunk bed is essentially two beds stacked on top of each other. Styles may vary, so it common to see both an upper bed directly over a lower bed, and an upper bed perpendicular to the lower bed. Ultimately, the style chosen depends on how much room is available. Bunk beds are commonly sold in Single sizes, but it is also possible to find bunk beds with a Double frame on the bottom and a Single frame on the top.

Bed Frame Materials

Bed frames are either made out of wood or metal. Special care is needed when buying a wooden bed frame. Always choose one that is wholly made out of wood, as opposed to particle board. Some manufacturers try to cut costs by using particle board for the slats or feet of the frame, but this material simply does not hold up well over the test of time.

Finely Crafted Frames

On the other hand, a finely crafted bed frame made out of oak, or maple, can ultimately last for generations. While finely made wooden beds are usually the most expensive, the customer surely reaps the reward of its durability. For customers who want strength, but do not want to spend a small fortune on a wooden bed, a metal bed frame is the best option. Metal frames are just as strong as their wooden counterparts, and they are also cheaper.

Buying Bed Frames on eBay

While experts recommend visiting a bedding store to find and test the right mattress, there is no need to do so for bed frames. Customers can certainly visit furniture stores to get design ideas, but there is no reason to pay premium prices at a retail store when eBay is available. Smart, budget-conscious shoppers love eBay for its extensive selection and fabulous deals. In fact, in many cases a customer can find the same bed frame they saw in a store on eBay for a much lower price. Furthermore, the bed frames sold on eBay come from sellers all over the world, allowing for an unmatched selection of styles.

Finding Bed Frames on eBay

Start finding bed frames on eBay by using the search engine. If you want to browse through different styles, then use search terms like "metal bunk bed frame&" or "leather sleigh bed frame&", to get the widest results. Once you find a style you prefer, then start searching by size. For example, if you want an oak sleigh bed in a King size for the bedroom, then search using the terms "oak day bed frame&" to find exactly what you are searching for. If a search comes back bare, one might consider revising the search criteria return better results. Remove some of the search terms, and substitute them with broader terms before trying again. Practice makes perfect with eBay’s search engine, and once you feel comfortable using it, you can quickly find all of the best auctions that are available.


A bed frame is the base of the entire bed. It props up both the mattress and the box spring, and it also gives the room a designed centrepiece. Therefore, choosing the correct frame is crucial. The most significant practical feature is size, so always make sure the bed frame fits into the room and that one purchases the correct mattress sizes to fit the frame. From a designing standpoint, the frame’s style is the most important feature. Whether the owner selects a style because he or she thinks it is beautiful, or because it already fits in with the rest of the bedroom furniture, the design of the bed frame defines the room. It is also necessary to consider the materials used for the frame, such as metal or wood, for durability reasons. However, even high-end wooden beds can be found on websites like eBay at deeply discounted prices.

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