Bedazzle Beads How To Make A Funky Safety Pin Bracelet

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How To Make A Funky Safety Pin Bracelet

Make this funky safetly pin bracelet costume jewellery using 2" Safety Pins, Seed Beads & Scissors

(No Special Tools Required)

1. Begin your bracelet by putting some of your beads on to a safety pin. Close the pin. Do this to each of the pins choosing a random pattern as you go.

2. Cut two lengths of elastic that goes freely around your wrist. Use one piece for the top of the bracelet and one for the bottom.

3. Thread the elastic through the top holes in the ends of the pins. Alternate the top and bottom of the pins when you string them. (If the elastic ends fray whilst stringing the pins, cut the very tip of the fray with sissors and keep going.)

4. Be sure that the BEADED side of the pins all face the same outer direction. (See Picture Above)

5. Once all the pins have been strung onto the top elastic, knot it loosley. Thread the bottom piece of the elastic through the pins.

6. Put the bracelet on and re-adust the lower and upper elastic so that the bracelet fits snugly but not too tight. Tie the 2 knots of the top elastic together and the 2 bottom knots together and cut off the excess cord.

7. Congratulations Your bracelet is know ready to wear.

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