Beginners Jewellery Making Tips SIMPLE EARRINGS

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First and foremost, there are NO rules and regulations when it comes to making jewellery. I can only give you guidelines. I may tell you to do something one way, and someone else might come along and tell you its wrong and their way is right. The only 'right way' to do things is the way that feels comfortable to YOU.

Simple Dangle Earrings.

You will need :

2 earwires

2 head pins

a few beads

A pair of round nose pliers.

Step 1

Take a head pin ( a long metal pin with a stopper at one end) thread some beads of you choice onto it, leaving about 6mm at the top.

Step 2

Bend the top of the pin, just above the last bead, to a right angle, grip the end of the pin with the tip of your round nose pliers and roll the end of the pin into a loop, when you get half way through the loop, remove yout grip and turn your hand back, grip the pin again and continue the loop untill its almost complete.

Step 3

Take the earrwire, which has a pre formed loop and slip your loop through the loop on the earwire, gently close up the gap with your pliers.

Step 4

Do exactly the same for the other earring and wahla..... you have a pair of earrings!

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