Beginners Neddle Felting

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I was asked by BzzAgent to write a guide and as I have just begun needle felting decided this would be a good place to start as I had no advice as I didn't know anyone who did this craft.
I started to work out what was needed by watching youtube tutorials and began by buying the Kirstie Allsopp needle felting kit and the 1set Needle Felting Starter Kit but found myself with lots of equipment and not a clue where to start as I only had the small amounts of each colour wool. My first item ended up being a basic white ball which I then over felted so the needle holes are visible which didn't matter too much as it adds a different texture to it but if this isn't what you are looking for then be cautious over how much you felt your item.
If you are wanting to try needle felting for the first time you would be best getting a kit for a specific project i.e. an owl or cat. As a beginner the only items you need (which should come with the kit) are:
A needle or two
A felting mat
Felting wool
Once you have tried needle felting and found you enjoy it the other basics you need are:
Needle handle(s) (you can use the needle on it's own but it's less stressful on the hands)
Finger protectors (The old adage of blood, sweat and tears is true for this craft)
Once you become more practised in felting you can then look into different types of needles and wools, I will go into more detail with these in another guide.


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