Beginners guide to Buying a Power Kite

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Beginners guide to Buying a Power Kite
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We have posted this basic guide from the perspective of someone who sells power kites, has a reasonable knowledge, think they are great fun & simply want to see people make the right choice, there are many sources of info out there and we would advise people to do their research before buying a Power Kite, speak to as many people as you can, there are pleanty of people willing to help. 

Power kites, also called traction kites, are used as the engine to power a kite buggy at speeds up to 50 mph, move a kite surfboard through the water and launch it 30 feet into the air, pull a mountainboard across tough terrain, propel a snowboard over a snowy plain, or just for a fun workout in the park.

2 or 4 line kites ?

A 2-line kite has 2 control lines: left and right. You pull on the left line to turn the kite to the left and pull on the right line to turn the kite to the right. If both lines are in a neutral position, the kite will continue on its current flight path and fly to the edge of the wind window.

A 4-line kite has 4 lines: 2 'main lines' and 2 'brake lines'. The 4 lines offer much more control of the kite. You can de-power the kite by pulling on the brake lines to slow it down. Many people start with a 2 line kite to grasp the basic handling skills then progress to a 4 line.

What size ? 

Power kites can be dangerous and potentially deadly in the wrong hands.  If you are a beginner, getting your first power kite, do not get more kite than you can handle even if that 7 or 9 meter kite keeps calling your name.

Because of the tremendous amount of power that they can generate the larger power kites are recommended for intermediate and experienced flyers only.

A kite between 3 or 4 meters is a good size to start out with. These kites will fly in a wide range of winds and won't overpower the novice flyer in higher winds. Even as your skills, experience, confidence and stable of kites grow you won't outgrow that first 3 or 4 meter kite. It will probably still be your "go to" kite on those days when you have nice moderate breezes to fly in.

The stronger the winds the smaller the kite you need. A small kite will provide plenty of oomph in high winds. Conversely, the lighter the winds the larger the kite you will need to provide enough power and torque. Once you get hooked on this sport you will probably find yourself with more than one kite. Many experienced flyers have at least three kites (small, medium and large) to cover all the different wind conditions.

At the Family Adventure Store we sell a range of power kites and related equipment such as boards & buggies etc. Please let us know if we can be of any help in any way.

Please remember, with all matters regarding safety please ask if unsure, there is pleanty of help out there, have fun and play safe!   

Terry & Jenny at The Family Adventure Store  

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