Beginners guide to using crystals

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As well as using books to help you choose your crystal, use your inner intuition.  This will guide you to a crystal which you need on a deeper level.  Go with the one you feel really drawn to on a gut instinct level.

When you purchase your crystal, cleanse it as it will have absorbed other people's energies over time.  There are some excellent guides about this on ebay by different people.  I like the moonlight method as it is suitable for all types of crystal; simply place overnight on a window ledge that receives ample moonlight and visualise it being cleansed before leaving it overnight(perhaps visualising white light entering the crystal and removing the impure energy).  Both the moonlight and your visualisation/intent will cleanse it, and the two together produce a powerful cleanse. Cleanse the crystal regularly in this way to keep it working well.  If using it every day, cleanse it every second night if possible.

Now you have cleansed it, hold it in your hand and close your eyes.  Connect with it.   You will need to ask the crystal to do a specific job for you, this is called programming it.  The first step in this is to find out what the crystal is capable of according to its type, and then to decide which of these capabilities matches your needs.  Research what properties it has using a book on crystals and identify what you would like it do for you out of those listed.  Visualise it working for you in the way you require.  Ask it out loud or in your mind to help you in the way you need.  Some examples of how different crystals work include:

  • amethyst: helps with meditation, insomnia, grief
  • rose quartz: helps with matters of the heart
  • smoky quartz:  eases stress and depression
  • citrine:  raises self esteem and self confidence
  • moonstone: promotes intuition, clairvoyance, dreaming
  • kunzite: clears emotions and heals heartache
  • howlite: stills the mind, aids sleep and meditation

Now you have cleansed it and programmed it, it is ready to use! You could hold it, put it in a pocket or cage necklace, place it under your pillow or bedside table.

Do not let other people touch your crystal as this will undo the programming and their energies will be on the crystal.  If this does happen, cleanse the crystal and re-programme as before.

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