Being Unboring and Fun

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My Tried and Trusted Techniques on Be Un-boring and Fun

Smile... it is infectious and safer than the flu

Laugh... even when Frankie Boyles standing there slagging you off, just record him and youtube it!
watch a funny film or stand up nothing beats a right old laugh!

don't be someones mark, always have a one liner to fluff up their one liner :)

keep a youthful mind -don't start acting in a perceived or expected ageband !

look after your hair! or straighten it, but keep it shiny hair makes people who they are,so up the hair!! even if you are bald, rejoice in it and dress your scalp up!

Sing ..always...even if badly, or whistle just don't let a song play that you like  without JOINING IN! work flies in and boring car journeys are fab when you sing at full pelt, to hell with being boring!

Tickle someone! tickling shouldn't be just for babies, tickle someone  even just a little brush up against someones smelly feet with a feather duster makes you remember what FUN is and dare yourself not to react and keep a poker face! LOL

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