Being a Smarty-Buyer (:

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Grabbing the bargains is easy! Just follow these steps!

1~ Know what you want! 
If you buy something and when you get it in the post it's not exactly what you're looking for (don't worry there's usually a returns policy but if there's not) then doom on you! Know what you're buying, do you research and use your brains!
2~ Be the Bidder!
Rather than bidding willie-nillie every time the price goes up, be cheeky & wait till the last minute to place your bid (; could save you a few pennies!
3~ Be polite!
Don't harass sellers and make sure to leave honest feedback! (: 
4~ Know when to quit!
If you're like me, you would spend, spend, spend, if you could... Just have some self control. Put it in your basket & leave it for a rainy day (:
& 5~ Be safe!
Remember the ebay terms of service, remember to be aware of fraud and remember to keep your pins/passwords/whatever's safe and away from praying eyes!

Have fun buying (: <3


What can I talk about now to make this over two hundred words?


Why did I even start writing this...?



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