Being safe on e-bay how things could be improved.

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I have recently been very dissapointed with my experiences on e-bay. After having my shop for just over a year with no problems, within the last two months I have been scammed three times.

 The first time I was scammed it was from someone who paid me through paypal for an item costing £22.00.  8 weeks after the item was sent out, I recieved a notification in my paypal account saying this person had made a charge back through their credit card account. The person had also just become no longer registered with e-bay at the same time.  Even though I sent proof of posting,  I still lost my money.  I felt that someone who had a low feed back score and had just left e-bay was being given the benefit of the doubt over myself who had a shop and over 350 positive feedbacks and no negatives.

 A week or so later the same thing happened again and this other person left me positive feed back and then made a chargeback against my paypal account. Again I sent proof of posting and again I lost my money. When I contacted others who this person had bought from they said they had also experienced trouble. This person has 100% positve feed back and is selling on e-bay today.  My emails to this person have been ignored and they have my item and I do not have their money.

I have closed my shop for the time being and if I do decide to open it again I will never except Paypal.  I feel I have had no protection as a seller.

I have also been scammed as a buyer.  This person had 100% positive feedback and I sent a cheque and I did not revieve the goods.  The police are now involved.

What I now intend to do is if I return to selling, is accept cheques only,  and when buying I will do so through paypal with a credit card, so if I don't recieve the items I will be protected more than I have been in the past.

The scammers are getting more and more prolific  and spoiling it for all the honest people.  The police said they are getting many more complaints of items not being sent and people being conned.

I believe that things could be improved if everyone had to leave a deposit of about £50 to £100 when joining e-bay which they would get back when leaving if they have kept to e-bay rules. 

I would appreciate readers who think this is a good idea to write to e-bay customer services to suggest a deposit being left.  This would make possible scammers think twice and make e-bay a much safer place to buy and sell.

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