Benefit Cosmetics Are You Getting Ripped Off?

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Benefit Cosmetics

The Facts The Most Do Not Know

By: Spoil-Myself-Today

Benefit wholesale to major department stores, and distribution house only! eBay sellers are not authorizes wholesalers of Benefit. If you see a eBay seller with a large quantity of Benefit cosmetics they are probably stolen or illegally obtained from the distribution houses.

You can only buy Benefit cosmetics from their online shops, Bloomingdales, and Macy's in the USA and Boot's Department stores in the UK. There are two Benefit boutiques in the USA one in the San Fransisco Bay Area, the other in Chicago. The UK is expected to have two boutiques in the London area by early 2007.

Benefit doe not wholesale to individuals or Ebay sellers

Some Benefit products on eBay have been illegally obtained

While many sellers on eBay have obtained their products in a legal manner some have not. Thefts from warehouses, failure to destroy remaining products after a contract has expired with a distributor, or collusion with an employee of a distributor with a eBay seller have resulted in the sale of illegally obtained Benefit products on eBay.

The most obvious warning sign of illegally obtained Benefit cosmetics is the seller has a large quantity and is selling them way below retail.

Beware of Sample Products

First of all a sample is what is states a sample a small quantity of product that is for sample purposes. Usually FREE, and not for resale.  Samples usually state in bold letter in a white stickers that they are first samples and second not for resale!  If you look far enough sample products are being sold on Ebay. Some samples products are not even the real deal! So know you seller, and know the products you are buying! If you wish to buy a small quanity of the product in a generic container you could be purchasing fake Benefit Cosmetics.

The best way to buy these cosmetics is Brand New in Box or BNIB

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

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