Benefits of Detoxing

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Benefits of detoxing

Detox 'programmes' really are good for you, if done correctly. If done right, you will be helping yourself in many different ways. Here I have listed some of the main benefits 
of giving yourself a detox.

1. It helps with weight loss - Detoxing purely for the aim of losing weight is a good quick way, but certainly not a stable long term solution. Ideally, you need to rid yourself of unhealthy eating habits, or at the very least, add specific foods into your diet, which you know are providing you with nutrients and minerals. Doing a short term detox is great but as long as you make a point of replacing bad foods for good.

2. Rids the body of excess toxic waste - Your body has a tendency to store excess waste. Doing a detox, stimulates the body to purge itself and this in turn, helps the liver to do its job, as well as the kidneys and colon. These are all an important factor of keeping your body toxin free.

Hopefully, you like to eat your fruits and veg however, if not, try to incorporate them into your eating habits after you complete your detox, to help keep things moving.

3 . Strengthen your immune system - by detoxing, you are freeing up your organs, so that they can function to their maximum efficiency. In turn, this boosts your immunity because you will be able to fully absorb nutrients, including   Vitamin C, which I add is a highly essential vitamin, which you need daily because your body cannot produce it on it's own.

4. Improve your skin all over - Your skin is simply your largest organ and by detoxing, it will show positive results. If you are able to, have a sauna once or week or twice a Month, what ever suits your lifestyle and budget. Detoxing will help with acne by clearing out those toxin nasties, which can create clogged pores, dull skin and maybe rashes and such like.

I personally got worse before I got better - whilst taking Sea and Soil capsules, I started coming out with spots in various places on my body and some on my face! I persisted and after finishing the course, I continue to take my various vitamins and mineral supplements, plus, I think a lot about the food I am buying.

5. Anti-aging qualities - We constantly barrage our body with toxins and mostly unknowingly. These toxins are a big contributory factor when it comes to the ageing process. Think longevity and eat and drink with the anti ageing benefits in your mind. You need to reduce the amount of free radical damage which is being done to your body.


Sea and Soil capsules are something I personally recommend. Kick start your detox the easy way. I took 2 capsules a day. I also reduced my sugar intake where possible, drank a little more water throughout the day. I continue to snack on fruits and nuts and I eat lots and lots of veg.

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