Berlan Pump with flow meter

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Recently won a Berlan Pump with flow meter. Not stated in the auction was that the pump is NOT self priming. The instructions are in German only (with euro plug which needs replacing). I tried priming the pump in the normal manner (filling via the screw in the top) but it didn't work.The customer service (via email) advised to prime the pump in the same way, but it still did not work. To send the pump back would be too expensive. I have discovered that by totally filling the input pipe as well the pump will work, BUT if left for more than 2 days or so the fuel leeches out of the pipe requiring priming again. I use mine for filling my car every 10 days or so , meaning for me it's unnecessary grief. Consider carefully whether these issues are worth the risk if the pump does not work. I have seen several broken into parts and being sold on Ebay which suggests others may have had the same problem.
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