Bernard Leach and Les Blakebrough - False attributions

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Every few months a piece of studio pottery comes onto ebay attributed to Bernard Leach - bearing an LB type mark and an S type mark. 

These items are in fact the work of the very talented Australian potter Les Blakebrough.  An online reference (from which the picture is taken) may be helpful in verifying this, and I can provide this reference if you contact me via  ebay messages (let me know your e-mail address obviously) .

It is at (follow this carefully coz you're not allowed links in a guide)

http: //australianpottery(dot)wordpress(dot)com/tag/known-potters/page/2/

His work turns up on ebay in Australia reasonably regularly and is fairly popular. 

I was in Australia 2 years ago and came across some of his items.  I saw pieces that I would have sworn were in a Winchcombe river pattern, but in a stoneware material rather than the normal earthenware.  On enquiry I found that Les Blakebrough trained at Sturt pottery under Ivan McMeekin, who was strongly influenced by a visiting potter named Michael Cardew! (as in the first apprentice under Bernard Leach at St Ives and later of Winchcombe, Abuja, and Wenford Bridge fame).

Les Blakebrough has produced a terrific body of work, and deserves to be recognised for this, but it is inappropriate to pass this work off as by Bernard Leach.   I have been told by one (honest) seller that their auctioneer had told them one of these (Blakebrough) pieces was a Leach item.  I would hope this was due to ignorance rather than lust for commission!  In that instance the seller returned to the auctioneer with the references I gave them and got a full refund!

Buyers need to be wary of this error in attribution, there are unscrupulous sellers out there who will try and decieive you

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