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How to get the most from your purchasing

Firstly if you haven't already got one you need to set up an E-bay account and preferably a Paypal account for payments.
If you are using a mobile device its also advisable to download the free E-bay app as this makes the process a whole lot easier 

Consider what your looking for, style, color, ,shape, size of the object, do you want to collect your item or will it be suitable for postage. Just typing in Black dress 10 will bring you thousands of listings you need to be more specific

Go on to E-bay
search for what your looking for 
browse through the options you have, can you see what you wanted, do you need to amend the details or be more specific
One thing i do when looking at photos is check out the background, fussy i know but is the photo well presented, clean e.c.t it will give you an idea of what it may arrive like, also check out the sellers feedback, is it good, too much negative feedback should raise alarm bells and would put some off of purchasing 
Consider the postage costs before you Buy now or make a Bid, as you don't want to end up paying over the odds 
Postage time is also worth considering with a lot of foreign shipping these days, if you need that cake cutter in a week then ordering from a seller in China isn't for you
Once you have made your winning bid (ensure you have set yourself a limit) or pressed buy it now you have committed to that sale, go through and follow the Paypal instructions to pay. 

You've now purchased your item. Don't forget once its arrived to click on the option to leave feedback for the seller contacting them in the first instance should you have any issues 

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