Best Kali/Backtrack Packet Injection devices

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Only use this on your own network or when you have permission. Really it is just a bit of fun for learning purposes so don't do anything evil! Also, I've written this guide as a campaign from BzzAgent.

What are Kali Linux and Backtrack?

Kali Linux, formerly known as Backtrack is a operating system based off Linux, used for penetration testing. I personally think that Kali is the best, but of course there is much debate on what is best for you.

This article should hopefully answer your questions about Kali Linux, and give you some ideas on how to find a compatible wi-fi adapter which can crack WEP networks.

WEP? What's that?

WEP is a pretty old standard for Wi-Fi encryption, it is used to connect you to the network essentially. Although it is old it is still used as default on cheap routers, and may be lingering around where someone has not updated their technology. It has many security flaws and they can be exploited.

WPA2 is the best easily accessible consumer standard for Wi-Fi encryption. It has many improvements and neither WPA or WPA2 are prone to this kind of attack (at this level of easiness)! I recommend you swap your router over to WPA2 asap, perhaps after you see the gaping security holes in WEP.

The Netgear WG111 v2

This is a great USB attachable little device. It is about the same size as a USB mobile data connector, or slightly bigger than a USB flash drive. I am using this one primarily as it is cheap and small, but works great.

Alfa Network AWUS036H

This is also a USB attachable wi-fi connector. It connects via a small cable, and the main component itself is pretty large, but the extra antenna makes it even larger. This one is great for when connections are weak or you want it to find the key faster. I don't carry this one around with me, however I have tried it out at my home and it is FAST. At the time of writing it is about double the price of the Netgear WG111 v2.

Get cracking

Install Kali to a USB or Live CD/DVD and get started. There are plenty of tutorials out there on this, hopefully now you should have all the hardware. Try it on your own network or networks where you have permission only! You can change your network to WEP in your router settings, make sure you change it back to WPA2 without WPS (as there is an exploit called Reaver which targets WPS) to be secure enough again.
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