Best Way To Get Items At Good Value

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Sometimes you are not sure what sort of price to bid on items, especially if they are unique.

However for common items, for instance any electrical item that has a model number- you can usually find out what that item was worth to other ebay users. Type in the model number into ebay search then on the left hand side scroll down and tick the box that says 'show only- completed listings' this will then give you the prices of what the item previously sold for (in green), if the text is red it means the item did not sell.

This will work for many other items too, for an example if you were watching a 'football table lamp' by simply searching completed listings for this search term you should get an idea of what similar items sold for. Try to use as few search words as possible as this will give you are broader range of results. Of course there maybe several bidders on any given item and so prices can fluctuate quite drastically, but as a rule of thumb try and stick as close to possible to bidding close to what similar items sold for.

Another way to get good value, is to tweak the search results, if you click show buy-it-now items and then select 'lowest first' from the drop down menu, well you can many good bargains this way, but does the price reflect the quality and service, these are things to consider. If you want the item quick, you may have to be prepared to pay a little extra for postage.

The last tip I will give is this, sometimes you can barter with sellers, ask them a question, ask to see if they will combine postage costs for instance, but do not be offended if they say no or do not reply, no harm is done in asking the question.

I hope you found this useful.
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