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Power Studying Tips for Any Student
The following tips have proven to be extremely powerful guides for organizing, thinking, studying, and learning at home. They represent the best advice of successful students.
Study Space
Tip: Your study space should be as quiet and comfortable as possible. Avoid studying in noisy places such as cafeterias, recreation rooms, or lounges.
Tip: When studying, keep your study area clear of clutter.
Tip: Have a consistent place for everything, and above all, keep it there!
Tip: Dont be revising infront of a window, you dont need to be distracted by passing traffic.

Study Habits
Tip: Begin study no less than 30-90 minutes after a meal.
Tip: Never study within 30 minutes of going to sleep.
Tip: Prioritize! Make a list of what you intend to study, prioritize the list, and stick to it!
Tip: If possible, study no more than 30-40 minutes at a stretch (very important this bit). Many students retain more by studying for short periods with breaks in between. Try and finish a complete section of your driving course, but generally, after a period of study, take a break.
Tip: Take study breaks away from your desk or wherever you are studying. Let the break be a time to think about other things. Use some break time to reflect, not constantly review what you have just studied. (if you are reflecting on your studies, i have always found it more effective if i pace or go for a little walk)

Test Taking (aaaargh)

first of all, dont panic, you will be fine ;)
Tip: For examinations, try the "memory dump" technique. If permitted, ask a friend or a family member to exercise you on various sections. Test yourself on everything you've memorized from sign's, road marking to the highway code, and so on. Sometimes reading through the essay questions can distract you from what you've studied. The "memory dump" technique requires someone to kick start those brain cell's that hold the information that you previously revised. This way, you are less likely to forget something important.

Before you start, your confidence will more than likely be rock bottom. but trust me, after a couple of hours you will be shocked on the information you hold and the confidence you have gained.

Good Luck,

Victoria x

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