Best tip for Genuine Scottish Regiment Badges

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All Scottish Regiments badges Pre-1950 were made of Nickel , Volunteer Badges from WW1 period were mainly Bronze,,there were no badges made in pressed Tin,or solid pewter or lead,

Another tip for Scottish badge collectors,the The Gallant 42,Black Watch  the number was only part solid english brass and rest of badge was nickel,,

All officer badges were mainly made in Silver,as they could afford to have them made.

Gaunt sometimes had name on a small bronze block on rear  Scottish regiment badges,and all had lugs,and generally had verdigrease at bottom caused by dampness,never white like you see all the fakes  thats been aged,,

I collected Scottish badges myself  from 1960-70 and then stopped as the fakes started to appear,,Staybrites,then Pressed tin most started off life in Pakistan then England.

The government found it was to expensive to make badges from Nickel and Bronze and even they started the staybrites in 1964,there wasnt many collectors in 60s onwards then M Marsh started to advertise in Exchange /Mart and the presszed tin badges appeared called WM White metal,at a £1 each

The Brass repros started to appear in Gunmart by a guy called Green,he started to make all the rare volunteer badges and that was the start of all the fakes appearing in then there was many collectors and as it got commercialised the "Cowboys" started to sell all the Asian copies and all had various ways to age them.

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