Best toys for a cat...

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Play or not to play...

Cats are tricky...they do have their own world and reality, moods which will impact on their behaviour. As they say- they follow only their paths...
so you want to make your cat happy and treat him for christmas? I was there-scratching post, moving mice with the movement sensor, balls, gloves etc...having this experience I will try to give you some tips about not spending much but going for the best...

1.  You can make toys-buy a string and attach to the door handle, buy a plastic ball and glue some feathers to it-you have no promise that your picky pet will play with it so you can try it before spending
2 dont go very expensive-i spend £15 for a moving sensor mouse, cat didnt even touched it so now is collecting dust in the box
3 what worked for me? Laser pen. My cat is going mental when I play with it, chasing it on the floor and on the walls-best £1 I ever spend!!
4 you have to remember-cats will go for a simple way, sometimes they need a shadow or a stick, sometimes they wont be bothered at all-see and check what does your cat likes?

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