Best use of a Samusung Galaxy s3 mini

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A smart phone for a smart budget

So you have just brought your first  Samsung galaxy s3 mini and you are eager to get it out the box and give it a go but there are things that you need to learn and understand before you jump right in. I was asked to write a review as part of the Bzzagent campaign

with any smart phone you will require an account to access apps on the Google play store however all this requires is an email address, password and a few personal details but this should take  no more than a couple of minutes to make. contacts can be transfered from the sim card and any pics and videos can be kept on the micro sd card with the 8 gigabyte internal memory keeping the phone plenty of room for any more pictures and videos you take 

Guiding around the phone is easy adding and removing widget are as easy and holding the apps on the apps page and dragging them around to personalise your phone. Wifi, mobile date, scree brightness and volume setting can be eaisly accessed by the drop down menu of the phone, just swipe from the top down to access that 
Comes in White or Blue
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Link to an eBay page
Comes in White or Blue

Pros and cons

  • really easy to use 
  • can be customisable 
  • wide veriaty of apps 
  • good battery life
  • separate lock screen and home screen, personal things can be kept hidden
  • 8 gigabyte internal memory which can be expanded

  • can lag a little 
  • battery life can deplete massively if internet is used a lot

If your looking for a nice cheap phone then a s3 mini is the way to go 

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