Best way to bid

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best way to bid

1) Bid on item at the last moment.
2)Click on the part were it shows number of bids Click on each member see what their bid summary is if its 0 or no star probably means its the seller using a false account to crank up bidding.
3)If you were the second highest bid and the seller comes back offering you the goods turn it down they probably over bid it themselves the item will most certainly come back on you will get it cheaper always check bidding summary.
4)Check items above and below item you intend to bid on example if a television is brand new starting bid £100 and 0 bids on it a few places behind is a second hand television less quality with 23 bids at £300 would you bid on the second hand television.
5)Always check the postage might be to high or from abroad remember import taxes.
6)if item has no description of condition leave alone probably rubbish.
7)Read description carefully some sellers try to use different or none straight forward descriptions to sell you rubbish or slip in certain words that really mean item is broken or not what it is.
8)if item is say £1.00 and the postage is £30.00 you can see were they are making profit from or you pay return postage you loose.
9)check the sellers ratings to many bad marks means dodgy seller.
10)if you make an offer and its turned down don't make another remember you can get decent goods of ebay much cheaper if not shop locally.

happy bidding

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