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Whenever I'm looking for my latest bargain on eBay,  I find it best to look at the finish times first.  If it finishes early evening,  it's likely to finish on a higher price.  But if it finishes any time past 11pm you stand a better chance of getting a good deal. Same goes if it finishes midday  as most folk are at work.  
Watch out for spelling mistakes! So many people struggle with spellings or even just mis-type. Wrongly spelt products gain fewer bids as they get missed, so keep your eyes peeled! 
When bidding on items in a last minute bidding war....  Don't bid round numbers, add a few pence on.  So if you're bidding £5,  instead bid £5.09. The extra few pence will likely push you to be the winner,  as most would just bid a round number.  So they will receive the outbid notice and you will be the winner (hurrah). 
Look out for beginners seller's basic mistakes. Missing out measurements of items,  the brand of a buggy or shoe/dress size.  If these items start with a low start price,  once they have received a bid they can no longer alter their item.  So bid then ask and fingers crossed you'll be the one who notices and gets a fab deal. 
And lastly make sure eBay is the cheapest before you bid.  Just a quick Internet search with give you a rough guide as to what sort of bargain you can grab! Be sure to check Gumtree and Amazon too.  
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