Bestway Lay Z Spa AVOID AT ALL COSTS !!!!!

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We purchased a lay z spa back in April 2007, it took until June to arrival in the first place.  When we finally got it we were so excited in putting it together for the first use, however, unbeknown to us this pump (pump number 1) was not gonna work    :o(    the digital display kept informing us of electricity error, after ringing Bestway we know found out these Spa's cannot be used on an extension lead.  More money for us to pay out we had to call an electrician to install a new socket in which we could plug the pump (thats when we get one, that is !)

Rang Bestway to be informed that we had to send a silly little part off the pump back to them and they would deliver a new pump (this is pump number 2) but failed to inform us that we had a wait of approx 3/4 weeks for it to arrive. We may get to use this spa one day ..... so we thought !


Anyway after losing loads of days of sunshine just looking at our unuseable spa, we finally got the pump (number 2)  and Wowww great we thought , and yes this one did work and the spa was absolutely a dream to sit in..................

.......... but  (and theres more !) we only got to use this spa with a working pump for approx 3/4 times !


Oh no not again, this time the pump would not heat the water up, it went crazy, from 0 - 40 degrees in seconds, Wowwww faster than Concorde !  ( trying to make a joke hear just to try and cheer myself up because of this very disappointing spa....)  again on the phone to Bestway,     well guess what...... yes, send another silly bit back to them off this pump number 2 and then they will ring to deliver a 3rd pump........

A few days later....

.pump arrives... installed this yet again new pump (now pump number 3) and guess what.................... THIS DIDNT WORK AT ALL !

By now we are absolutely sick n tired of trying to get this to work so we contacted our supplier to return the blooming thing !

Yes Bestway this is a dream come true if it works but God...... £400 is alot of money for 3 - 4 spas !!!! Got the name right Lay z.... coz the blooming thing never wants to work !!!! 



Lay z spa on a rare occassion it had a good day  


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