Bestway Lay Z Spa - heater problem

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We have had a Lay Z Spa for a year now and I must say, providing the filter is kept clean, it has worked perfectly.....until now.

These spas are very fussy about clean filters. The filter is not actually man enough to keep the water clean and as it gets its feed from half way up the side of the tub it neither collects debris from the bottom of the tub nor floating stuff on the surface of the water. We normally wash our filter once a week and change it for a new one every fortnight. In addition, we disconnect the pump unit and backflush it with clean water. In 1 year I have also descaled the pump/heater unit 3 times (we live in a hard water area). Lie it on its side, hoses up and fill with hot water and descale solution and leave overnight.

After just under 12 months the unit started to blow the circuit breaker. Luckily, we have received a replacement from Bestway. I have taken apart and tested the old unit and have noticed that the heater element is corroding and actually leaks 40 milliamps to earth once it reaches about 35 degrees (water temp). This is enough to trip the RCD. Now, if Bestway were to supply replacement heater elements, it would be easy to re-fit and many unhappy owners would be up and running again. The element is probably some low grade stainless steel and all it needs is a pinhole (which probably opens up at hot temperatures) or maybe the coild inside distorts and touches the sheath (I am not actually sure which it is). But if only Bestway supplied a titanium heater element and added say £40 to the price - many people would be using theirs for longer !

Come on Bestway - adervtise and sell heating coils !
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