Betfair Trading - The tools available

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I thought I'd write a review with regard to betfair trading. Alot of you are now taking up this interesting income generator, and I thought I'd highlight some of the great tools available too traders.

Firstly sometimes its nice too join a community and share experiences with other traders, perhaps even mentor some body who is new too trading, you have too remember the more people trading, the more liquidity there will be on UK markets. If you want too take part in a community forum then I susgest you check out:

Trading software is also very usefull, now there are one or two pieces of software, however my faverite and the one I use to the most success is Bet Trader Pro ( It is free to use the grid interface, however if you want too use the ladder, which promotes faster trading, then prices start from £4.99 for 200 minutes.

Another piece of software I have found, is betangel, there is a basic version which is free, or there is a slightly more expensive professional version, whichever you choose to use it is upto you, it promotes 1 click trading, which makes it alot faster.

Both are completely legal too use and connect to the betfair API.

For discussion, checkout where many more pieces of software are talked about also, different sport discussions take place.

Thank you for reading.

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