Better MPG Diesel Additive & Injector Cleaner

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We have found the Better MPG Diesel Fuel Additive to be a very good product we have researched and designed this product along with, we find this product makes our vehicles a lot quieter and also more economical with a better mpg being shown instantly in the car, it took our Average MPG from 25mpg upto 52mpg which is a big increase thats when we are on the motorway average round town driving we are going at around 40.5mpg

The product has had several items added to it to make it a lot more healthier for your car, we have added a product to clean the injectors, an anti waxing agent along with a product to give it a higher burning temperature thus giving better throttle response from the car.

We are sure that the product will have an impact on most diesel cars from the minute that you use it, the recommended dose is 300ml per 70litres of diesel but we have developed smaller doses for people who do not wish to fill up there cars everytime.

We have done a lot of research with the product to make it upto scratch what it is today and we have tried it in the most sensitive of diesel engines all with positive results from the start, from time to time this item will not have any visible effect on your car, but it will be cleaning your injectors and lubricating your diesel pump on the way round so you should notice a lot quieter engine in the least.
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