Better Results with the Gorillapod Tripod from Joby

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When you’re filming a video for your eBay listings, it’s essential to have a steady hand. It’s easy to avoid the wobble when taking a still image but for a video it’s all too easy to create a shaky movie. More than that, you might need both your hand to show of the idem you’re selling so you don’t want one holding the camera. A tripod the easy way to get a nice smooth video: but the Gorillapod from Joby is so much more than just a tripod.

You can twist and move its completely flexible legs so you don’t need a totally flat surface to place it on. You can position it on a rough and uneven, or slippery surface and the tripod will cope remarkably. In fact, you don’t need a surface at all. You can twist the legs to grip on the back of a chair, round a branch or even coil them around a rail and hang the camera upside down.

It’s easily and instantly attached to your camera and it packs up small if you’re on the move - as you’ve expect for something flexible. And it just looks pretty cool: not clunky but a bit sexy. It’s the sort of thing that people pick up, admire and covet.

Any tripod will revolutionise your digital camera usage and help you create winning videos. And the Gorillapod is a revolutionary tripod.
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