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Prepare your car for the night

You can easily say that it will never happen to you. Being stuck in your vehicle overnight may never happen but if you are not prepared for the possibility you are almost tempting fate. Preparing your vehicle for possible events throughout the winter could in effect save your life one day so be prepared and take the necessary measures to make your endless night as comfortable as possible.
Dig your way out - Whether you end up in a 6 inch snow lane or a 6 foot snow drift there may be a use for a shovel. Keeping one in the boot of your car will always prove to be useful even if there is too much snow. It is highly unlikely that you would be the only person stuck in the snow so by working together with others your shovels could at least dig an escape route out of the vehicle.
Hamper - When you get stuck you don't know how long you could be stuck for so take some provisions with you to give you sustenance whilst you are stuck. Even a small selection of biscuits or dried fruits could help give you the energy to keep warm until help arrives.
De-icer - Regardless of whether you are staying local or taking a longer journey having de-icer in your car is essential. Even if you have enough de-icer to uncover your windows it will still be enough to allow you an escape to safety. Having your own stash of Ice Go in your car could make a huge difference. Even if it's a simple case that it snowed whilst you were in work the Ice Go can be the only companion you need.
Keep warm - A stash of blankets or throws make a big difference, not only for you but for your car as well. Keeping in as much warmth as possible will minimise the amount of ice build up on your windows as it is too warm for it to settle. Keeping yourself warm as well will also help to emanate body heat around the vehicle to keep you and it warm. Keeping the blankets inside the car instead of the boot will allow you to wrap up anytime and give you something soft to sit on if you're in the vehicle for longer than expected.
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