Beware Feedback % Not Always What It Seems!!

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Hi there

This is is rather quick review really just to let you know of the way feedback can seem alot better than it really is.  I have recently had a run in with a particular Ebay seller, his feedback being 99.8% seems very good to me but since having this trouble and since posting my other review i have had a few people email me with there bad experience with this particular seller. Having had a second glance at his feedback it is obvious why this scammer has what seems to be ok feedback, alot of his negative feedback has been "muterlly" withdrawn. He also tried to make me withdrawn mine by using bullying tactics. Also people who have emailed me say they were bullied into withdrawing theres as his a very arrogant and aggressive man this can upset some people. Please please be careful when buying high priced items, check the feedback clearly first.

thanks for reading my review and i hope this will help people in the future.

check out my other review for the name of the scammer and check his feedback to see what i mean.

Thanks again.

Chez :)

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