Beware!! MP3 and MP4 from Hong Kong

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Before you bid on these please read on.  I am very surprised at the number of positive feedback these HK based MP4 seller are receiving. I bought one last week.  And can note the following:

Manual is written in Chinglish!

The player looks like it's made of tin and plastic.

Lacks some important features/functions: imagine you have 100 songs on it and you want to jump from song 1 to 99.  You will need to press to forward button 98 times as the player doens not have the wheel.  The wheel that you see in the bright picture is just a decor.

Sound is very week and lacks clarity.

Radio will most likely not function for you.

Sellers normally charge you £20 + insurance.

in one word these MP4 players are crap.

I am just too honest to list the item I bought on ebay and find myself a victim! 

Have a search around Ebay for MP4 and you'll notice there are a lot from HK - though some of them now claim they are in the UK which is not true.  HK crooks targetting UK buyers.  This is becoming big business.  Don't be conned by these scum bags.

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