Beware Mp3mp4 4GB player

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I bought an MP3 MP4 4GB player for my little sister for Christmas. I was delighted when I got it for just £22.50 too. But I soon found out that it was not 4GB, battery seemed to be tempermental and earphones were not a standard size either. Most of these 'amazing' mp3 mp4 players are only 1GB in memory- which greatly decreases their value. This means that they cannot hold 1000 songs but only 250 songs. Not practical for a 15yr for Christmas! Also they were made easily and cheaply with a freeware version of mp3 mp4 software, which is one reason why they sell so cheap. Other companies e.g. Creative and Samsung etc. spend millions developing unique and valuable software. This does not necessarily mean that this piece of software is useless or bad. These mp3 players are not made with very much care and bring a whole new meaning to the phrase mass produced. They are nice as temporary solutions though as you save up for that Creative (whom I highly recommend by the way) or other recommended brand. Beware and remember that these are probably not as described. Don't blame the sellers though- most of them are unaware of the fact that the 4GB mp3mp4 players that they bought to resell are only 1GB. I hope this helps you choose wisely and not make the mistake I made.
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