Beware! Scam Beswick Alice In Wonderland Figs - Updated

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Beware! Scam Beswick Alice In Wonderland Figs

Over the last six to twelve months, I have reported dozens of occurrences of shill bidding on Beswick Alice In Wonderland Figures. The latest occasion was 17/06/2008 when a seller used one ID to shill bid on all of their listings and ended up winning them all, the genuine members who bid were all conned and no one got what was rightly theirs.

Remember this individual didn't sell any of the Beswick Alice In Wonderland Figures and other items they had listed, I'm certain they will be relisted under yet another new ID.

When the items get relisted, remember that the seller will have little or no feedback. 

Update 17/06/2008 I have identified three new ID's. Items are getting relisted, all private so you don't see who's bidding again'st you.

Update 17/06/2008 three ID's currently in use, items have been  listed using two of them. Seller Very Easily Identified, just check the feedback and you will find that the seller has been left feedback by one buyer on a number of  occassions. Again the private listing method was used ( which is apparently eBay's way of protecting you), so there is no way of identify the items unless you watch them.  

Item location is now stated as England

Check the following information I have provided, hopefully this will prevent you from been duped by this unscrupulous individual.

This individual has listed them using at least seven different ID’s all of which I have reported.Please look at the Rogues Gallery Of Previous ID's 

Update 05/07/2008 new ID added to Rogues Gallery

Use the information regarding Goofbay for all the previous ID's this will help you to identify future listings

Both ID’s used in the latest attempt to con genuine members became unregistered within minutes of the listings finishing the same as the previous five I had identified. With a little thought, time and effort using google the listings can still be traced using key words such as eBay Beswick Alice, DoDo, Madhatter etc.

I’m certain that the same Individual is responsible when these items appear on eBay, as the item location is normally one of the following Birmingham, Dudley, Wrens Nest, Harebell or West Midlands.

The photo’s used are normally identical in every listing, irrespective of who the seller is and they sometimes have the sellers ID on them to make them look genuine, the item description is normally done in very large word format and often states sorry no PayPal.

They have tried selling them individually without a reserve starting at 0.99p also individually with a reserve and they have tried selling them as a full set. The figures are all from the first edition, style one circa 1974 – 83.

The biggest problem you are faced with, is when they are listed as a set with a reserve (which will be somewhere in the region of £700.00) or as a Private Listings as this prevents anyone doing a bidder search.

If they list them as private listings YOU WILL BE SHILLED and you CAN NOT check the other bidders ID's.

This individual has also listed other items including Guinness Memorabilia, Royal Doulton, Royal Worcester, PG Tips Chimps by Robert Harrop, Furniture, Cousin Wesley Wade Pig, and other Beswick Pieces.

I Have Two Guides with the  photo's used in the listings Photo's of Shilled Beswick and Photo's of Shilled Robert Harrop Pg Tips Chimps

This persons trades anywhere from one to five months and normally has three ID’s on the go at anyone time, they do purchase items to gain positive feedback, but they also bid and don’t pay. After receiving a few negatives they normally become unregistered and set up another new account.

All of the ID’s they have used have all received negative feedback’s for selling fakes, damaged goods, and high postage charges.

To check out what someone is bidding on then follow these steps: -

From My eBay, click Advanced Search

From the menu on the left click Items By Bidder

Enter the bidder's user ID and tick the include completed listings box and leave "even if not high bidder" checked. Remember that a shill bidder doesn't necessarily want to win their auctions!

Now click Search.

If the bidder you are questioning is mainly bidding on one seller's auctions and they are bidding on different types of items then you should be suspicious and report it.

The above search method can only be used when the eBay member is registered and the items listed are not private. 

Please read my other guides, especially the

Rouges Gallery How To Trace Un-Registered Members Guide.

All my guides need to be visible to protect you the eBay Community. I have taken the time to make you aware of this ongoing problem please vote for them  by clicking the yes button on each guide you find helpful.

 Thanks if you have taken the time to read it.

Up Date 15/3/2008

Thankyou to the few members who have voted out of the many who have viewed in the last week.  I don't mind if you view and don't vote or contact me and give me your opinions on any of my guides.

My objective is to raise awareness to new, niave and even long served traders of the issues in todays market place.

It is Imperative that information such as that I have provided, is visible to all. The only way this happens is your votes.

Trade Safe

Up Date 16/3/2008

First Negative Vote,  Maybe The Seller Has Thier Items Listed

Up Date 20/3/2008

Again thanks to the few members who have voted since my last update, I'm somewhat surprised that only a small majority have found this guide useful.

At the end of the day it is your money I'm trying to protect. 

After reporting this  person for the eighth time eBay have again failed to take what I would call appropriate action against this Individual by removing the items that where and still are listed by this persistant shiller.

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