Beware! Scammer Rogue Gallery Of eBay ID's 2009 / 2010

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Tracing Un-Registered eBay ID's

Up-date 11/11/2009 new ID added to list

Up-date 14/08/2009 new ID added to list

Up-date 28/07/2009 new ID added to list

Up-date 26/06/2009 new ID added to list

Up-date 03/06/2009 new ID added to list

Up-date 17/03/2009 new ID added to list

Up-date 25/02/2009 new ID added to list

Up-date 12/01/2009 new ID added to list

Up-date 07/01/2009 new ID's added to list

Up-date 03/01/2009 new ID's added to list

Up-date 18/12/2008 new ID's added to list

I have put this guide together to try and prevent you from been ripped off and conned out of your money.

If you read this information and investigate the evidence I have provided you will definitely benefit from it.

So make a difference by voting YES below and help others to see this advice by making it visible, which will hopefully make eBay a safer place to buy and sell.

I'm pleased to see that over four thousands members have veiwed this guide, but only a small % have voted?

I'm sure that most of you reading this guide will be aware of the pitfalls that are involved when shopping on eBay, this guide highlights the lengths some users will goto in ripping you off.

 Please see my guide on Shill Bidding this may help you avoid some techniques that are used.

I have reported dozens of scams, bogus accounts and shill ID's over the years that I have identified. Only to be informed by eBay that they have taken the appropriate action against them. This has never resulted in the items been removed or the accounts closed or even suspended.

I have identified numerous ID’s that one persistent shiller has used over the last 21 months from approx  October 2007 and is still constantly setting up new accounts on a monthly basis.

 Please read my guide Beware! Scam Beswick Alice In Wonderland Figs as this will give you detailed information, regarding item locations and descriptions also check the following guide Photo's of Shilled Beswick Alice Figs as these may help you identify the seller.

This individual has shilled on Beswick Alice in Wonderland Figures and other items including Wade Guinness Memorabilia, Royal Doulton Laurel & Hardy Figures, Royal Worcester, PG Tips Chimps by Robert Harrop, Cousin Wesley Wade Pig, Beswick Birds (Turtle Doves) and other Beswick Pieces (Trumpton Figs) also many other items.

More recent listings from October 09 have included antique furniture,          E Gomme & G Plan Furniture & Ercol Golden Dawn FurnitureJVC Videosphere TV, Ladderax Shelving Systems, Mamod Steam Tractor Engine, Beswick Bird Whisky Flask Decanters and Ditchfield paperweights that they have listed.

The Above links are to the most recent items that have been listed.

They have generally ended up winning most of the listings themselves due to their greed in trying to get the highest price possible, thus forcing them to relist using a new ID.

The shilling accounts are then unregistered and within a week or two new ones are setup.

The latest occasion been the begining of August 2009.


14/12/2008 I have been informed of two new ID's.

Many thanks to the many members who have contacted me regarding ID's been used.

Items are getting relisted,  some are Private Listings so you don't see who's bidding again'st you a lot of them are getting listed with a Buy It Now option.

Item location is now stated as England or Pick Up West Midlands

Check the feedback on meanmachine2009. You will come across an ID that is still registered, which has being used to shill. Look at the feedback and you will soon identify it. 


03/01/2009 new ID added to list, still trading using at least two ID's. One new account, the other is several months old.  The following link can be used to identify the shilling account. the.professional-2008 ( Feedback Left For Others ) 


07/01/2009 new ID added to list, you will notice the following ID's meanmachine2009 and coolhandrob57  were used to shill on all of the listings. The feedback been left when their greed ended up winning the listings, unfortunately for the other winning bidders nothing could be done as eBay didn't remove the items.


12/01/2009 new ID added to list, you will notice the.professional-2008 was used to shill on the account.


25/02/2009 new ID added to list, no Neg feedback for this ID. But almost certain the unsuspecting buyers will have been shilled.


17/03/2009 new ID added to list, again no Neg feedback.  Also using the private listing feature.


03/06/2009 new ID added to list.  Used the private listing feature for every item. Traded for three months using this ID, as they used the private listing feature its virtually impossible to identify the shill accounts as you are unable to see the bidders. Again I advise caution when bidding on private listings especially if it is on any of the above mentioned items and from a new seller with little or no feedback.


28/06/2009 they have Re - Registered an old ID check list below

All of the ID’s below are no longer registered, and you may think you can no longer trace those accounts. If you use the advanced search feature that eBay provides then yes you’re correct, you get a message stating that the information is no longer available.

However if you use www.  a totally free website, no toolbars or software to download. You can retrieve all sorts of information from unregistered eBay ID's as long as they have sold or bought items in the last 90 days.

On the goofbay home page scroll down and you will see the following four boxes

Not in Title Search, eBay Feedback Checker, eBay Seller History, eBay Bidder History

The Goofbay Feedback Checker Tool from Goofbay allows you to lookup the entire feedback history of a seller or buyer on eBay.

You can filter out positive feedback; negative feedback, withdrawn feedback and neutral feedback, allowing you to easily see the reliability of the seller or buyer you are dealing with.

The eBay Seller History Tool from Goofbay allows you to view a sellers sale history.

You can see exactly what a seller has sold, how many they sold, how much their turnover was and how much they spent in eBay fees, upto the last 90 days. Also how many times an item has been relisted, even if it appears to have been SOLD.

The eBay Bid History Tool from Goofbay allows you to lookup what someone is bidding for on eBay.

You can see what items they have won, the percentage of auctions they have the winning bid in and how much they have spent, upto the last 90 days.

NOTE: The easiest thing to do now is open a new browser window, and go to the goofbay home page.

The list of ID’s below are no longer registered, therefore this is about illustrating the extremes that some eBayers will go to, it is not intended to list current shillers. However this is about visibility of the issues and illustrates that all is never what it seems.








robscollectables_123  Un - Registered 12/04/08

coolhandrob57  Un - Registered 01/07/2008

oneeyesnake2008  Changed to meanmachine2009

meanmachine2009 Un - Registered 26/07/2008 ( Re - Registered 06/06/09)

Re - Registered as dreammachine09

willywonkatwo Un - Registered 25/08/2008

reeldealfouru-2008 Un - Registered 01/10/2008

weewillywinky57-2008 Un - Registered 17/12/2008

the.professional-2008 Un - Registered 03/01/2009

robbieretro Un - Registered 07/01/2009

thegifter2 Un - Registered 12/01/2009

theprisonernumber6 Un - Registered 25/02/2009 (Previous Listings)

captainscarlettwo-2009 Un - Registered 17/03/2009

retro_man.123 Un - Registered 03/06/2009

contemporaryandmodern4u Un - Registered 27/7/2009

rme_2009  Un - Registered 13/8/2009

ofthefiftys2009 Un - Registered 11/11/2009




Firstly I would recommend using the Feedback Checker Tool, for each of the above ID’s. 

I always tick the following boxes, Include Neutral, Include Withdrawn, Include Positive. Then just click check feedback.

Secondly Use the Seller History Tool, for each of the above ID’s.

I always search No. of Days 90, tick Include Sold & Not Sold, tick Show Buyers. Then just click search.

Thirdly use the Bid History Tool, for each of the above ID’s.

I always search No. of Days 90, tick show sellers. Then just click search.

You should now have a very clear picture in your head that the items listed were all from the same individual. 

The Photo's used by each of the ID's are more often that not Identical, get familiar with them as this makes it easier to spot them when they get relisted.

On closer inspection of the feedback you will notice boingboing2007 has left feedback for robert2007.123 check the times that the listing finished against the time the feedback was left.

This often indicates a scam, especially when shill bidding has occurred. Check some of the other feedback from the above ID's and you will find a similar pattern. 

For those who have never heard of  GOOFBAY.COM it is such a valuable website to obtain information from.

Especially when an eBay ID becomes un-registered,  you can not do a search using eBays advanced search tool.

Over and over the same scams are being perpetrated again and again, so be cautious with who you are dealing with and look at everything you can before parting with your hard-earned money.

If the item location just says England, get in touch with the seller and get them to give you a postal address.

Please see my other guides regarding item location's this shiller has used


Please Check my other Guides as these may also help you from other frauds and scams.

Update 21/3/2008

Wow first neg vote out of  8 views and only a couple of hours after submitting this guide, must have upset someone.

At least the info has got a response from someone who does want you all to see it.

Update 11/06/2009 Just a note to say a big thanks to all of the members who have contacted me with info regarding this individual.

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