Beware if buying a Subaru engine from these people

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I would ask anyone who is thinking about buying a Subaru engine from guydavies-audiparts to seriously think if they want to throw their money away. I was completely stung by them to the tune of £1500.00. Absolutely ripped off. They are actually a company trading as the Walter Harrison Organisation Ltd, and very difficult to contact after you have made a deal. They do not answer the telephone. computer is allegedly broken so that they cant recieve emails, and fax machine apparently out of order.Conveniently. After waiting two weeks after they had my money for a remanufactured engine for my Subaru,and the promise of free delivery, I had to incurr substantially more expense by sending a courier myself to pick up the engine and honestly, I recieved a box of what can best be described as scrap. It looks as if the heads have simply been taken off, painted, and replaced with the old gaskets. There is very little compression. The cams and rockers came in a cardboard box. Obviously they didnt know how to put them in and time the engine.Crankshaft oil seal was not renewed and sump and other gaskets were simply made of silicone. Total Crap. I have now been left with no option other than to contact trading standards and I am going to take them to the Magistrates Court if they do not respond. The service is the worst I have ever came across, and I would not recommend them to anyone. This guide will remain here until they replace the engine,or refund my money

01/06/06.The matter is now in the hands of trading standards, and  I have just had the engine checked by a Subaru mechanic and he can find no trace of any work being done on the engine, and no new parts of any kind, including the gaskets!Simply been taken apart, painted and stuck back together. For £1500.00. I believe that these people may be  advertising under different names now so beware.

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